There are many great businesses out there that you can work with: eko studio rapt media wirewax … to name a few. The drawbacks with these options are that they tend to work on a subscription-fee basis and this can put the interactive video out of reach for businesses with smaller budgets. For a more Austria Phone Number List accessible interactive video solution. You should talk to wyzowl. We create all of our customers’ video content from scratch – the script. The storyboard. The animation. And. Of course. All of the interactive elements! And we charge a simple one-off fee. 

The benefits of interactive video 1. Turning passive viewers into active ones one of the main reasons video marketing has snowballed in popularity in recent years is because of how engaging it is in comparison to other marketing mediums. The combination of moving images. Sound. And. In many cases. Austria Phone Number List A story. Is much more interesting than a static ad. But. Having said that. The act of watching a traditional video is passive. Interactive video is active. It demands the full attention of the viewer because they are being asked to take part. In other words. It changes the attitude of viewers. From sit back. To sit up. 

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However, The interactive video series. Lifesaver. Demonstrates this shift perfectly: by putting you in the shoes of an onlooker witnessing a health crisis. And allowing you to make decisions that mean the difference between life and death. You are pulled into the story. The fact that the interactive hotspots are Austria phone number timed adds to the pressure. This kind of active urgency quickens the pulse in a way that traditional video can’t. Making this interactive video experience a memorable one. 2. Gamification with the rise of wearable tech and lifestyle management apps. People are gamifying everything they can. 

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In other words, Gamification is the process of using typical elements of gameplay – point-scoring. Competition. Problem-solving etc. – to make menial tasks fun. Using interactivity. You can marry gamification with video to create an engaging experience that viewers will want to “play” again and again. This promotional video for the movie focus is a great example: who doesn’t want to be a great con artist? The want to win Austria Phone Number List this game drives users to replay with different “marks” and tactics. But interactive video isn’t just for entertainment purposes. Take a look at this screenshot from deloitte’s gamified interactive recruitment experience: this video promises what all good games do: progression.

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Therefore, The viewer is encouraged to move forward and learn more. And this is great for engagement. Non-interactive video is awesome. But it’s not perfect. Traditional video sees high-drop off rates. But interactive videos – like the one above – have completion rates over 90%. 3. Trackability the problem Austria Phone Number List with non-interactive video is not a lack of data. It’s a lack of useful data. What video metrics are you currently tracking? The number of views? The average watch time? These metrics are certainly nice to have. But it is practically impossible to link them to roi. With interactive video. You can track each decision that a viewer makes and use this insight to create actionable reports based on user interactions.

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