Before figuring out how to design popups that definitively work. You have to understand what you are exactly doing. As a website owner. With your digital platform. Let’s be clear: most of the time. It’s all about constructing a sales funnel that may eventually bring massive prospects. Potential clients and Costa Rica Phone Number  consumers. Leads of quality. Conversions guide free download the ultimate guide to conversion optimisation for small business first name * email * download now why are email subscribers so important? Most digital strategists will tell you that one of the first things you should do on your website is to install popups in order to collect emails. 

Why? Because the very precise moment when an internet user gives you their email address by filling in a popup form is also the exact moment when they get an identity – from your point of view. Popups and the collecting of emails enable you to transform anonymous internet users into real people with a Costa Rica Phone Number  name and an email address. Before they give you their email address. Your internet users are only part of the vast crowd of numerous data you see in your google analytics account. They are anonymous. Once you get a name and an email. They become known to you. 

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With a list of emails. The things you can do is really. Really impressive. You got it: the money is in the list. Example: clay collins. Co-founder and ceo of leadpages. Turned his blog into an 8-figure software business with 46.000 customers. Clay’s advice for entrepreneurs? Focus first on building a “minimum viable audience” before you start to build a “minimum viable product.” one day. He had an idea to create software. He Costa Rica phone number went back to his audience (his email list) and asked the following question: “hey. We’re gonna build something that does all the things that you’re complaining the free templates don’t do. Would you be willing to pay for it?” they said yes. He got 200 people to pay $200. 

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He took the $40.000 and hired a developer who built the first version. This led to the creation of leadpages. Emails are more than very popular: they are part of our daily lives. Costa Rica Phone Number  On an average. More than 20 billion emails are sent daily. And many people evaluate their success to the number of emails they receive per day. 91% of people check their emails at least once a day. People love emails. That is the reason why building up an email list shall be at the heart of your digital marketing strategy. 

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Whether you write a blog post. Conduct some webinars or offer a new product. The people on your email list will be the first to be informed. Email is by far the most effective Costa Rica Phone Number  marketing channel. Nowadays: according to capterra. The average return on $1 spent on email marketing is $44.25. That’s saying something. Right? But it’s not as easy as it might sound. On average. People see up to 247 online marketing messages a day: for obvious reasons. A large portion of those messages and ads go completely unnoticed. Email boxes are getting more and more overcrowded: as a consequence. People become more cautious about handing out their email address.

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