Your website: your best ally for prospecting, It is frustrating to realize that the stake of a website which helps to Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List into customers, is neglected to concentrate the efforts of the marketing and sales departments on other priorities. However, the site seems so vast. For me, the website should be considered the # 1 asset for your business development, whether for the sales or marketing department. Yet I hear a lot of stories about the website not helping them. Worse, when prospects ask for the link to the website, to see all of their activities, salespeople are ashamed to direct them there.

However, the exact opposite should happen. Your website should help you prospect better and is the main reflection of your business. To get a website that allows you to achieve your goals, you need to be patient and thoughtful before you start your actions. To help you in your thinking, here are 4 questions to ask yourself to have a website that helps you prospect: If your answer is centered on you or your business, you are not on the right track. Just like an ad should target a target, you should put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer. Who are my prospects? What are they looking for online?

Who Are You Doing Your Website For?

Go through the hundreds of appointments already made and emails sent in your head. Make a list of all the points and you will have relevant content there for your visitors. Keep in mind that a website should answer the questions your prospects are asking. This will facilitate your commercial prospecting efforts during the first real contact. Why do your prospects visit your website? The obvious answer is “To become a customer with us”. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In 90% of cases, your prospects are looking for information. Generating hot leads is a definite goal but it shouldn’t be the only one guiding your site’s content writing.


Your site should help you move your customer forward in their understanding of your business. In the same way that a good prospecting phase helps answer your prospect’s questions, your website must provide them with crucial information. From a more global point of view, you must answer the question: “What are my prospects looking for on your site?” “. Not all visitors are buyers who will turn into customers within the next 48 hours. You must create content according to the stages of their purchasing process to promote your commercial prospecting. From content to content, your website will be your best support to prospect properly since it will comfort your prospect in his desire to continue to discover your company and your products.

What Is Your Prospects?

What image does your website convey to your prospects? Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect and read the content of your website. Does your website look like you? Do your pages reflect your business? Do you have any doubts? The answer must be “no”. Writing a blog, putting together articles for a website is not for everyone. Web content must take into account technical parameters but above all position itself well in relation to your prospect. Your visitor of the day may not yet be familiar with your business. Reading articles that are too “aggressive” compared to understanding their needs will turn them away from your products. Try to have content adapted to each phase of the purchasing process of your visitors.

Keep in mind that if your content is relevant and useful for your visitors, it will then facilitate your commercial prospecting. What indicators to define the success of your website? This is an oh-so- important question that most of our customers struggle to answer. The most common answer is based on income alone. This indicator is already present within the company. It is directly linked to the marketing and sales department. No, the revenue generated by the website is not a relevant indicator. Your website should help you prospect, but it won’t sell on its own. In order to determine if your website is successful, you have to dig a little deeper and determine other indicators.

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