Your website must be your best B2B salesperson, the buyer being always more connected and autonomous in his purchase thinking. Unfortunately, your New Zealand Email Database penalizes your business development. Here are the 5 major reasons, to be solved immediately. Is your website a showcase site that only presents your company and your offer? You are on the wrong track. Your website must offer content that allows your prospects to understand their issues and answer the questions they ask themselves in their purchase thinking. The B2B buyer on the Internet is not looking for a brand, they are looking for the person who will allow them to achieve their goals.

The B2B buyer uses search engines in his purchase thinking to carry out research related to his issues. If your content is all about you, it will never find you. You don’t have enough conversion points. Is your website the most beautiful, the most stylish, and the most complete you have ever had? That’s excellent news. Yet you are unable to generate leads and return on investment? Chances are, you don’t have enough conversion points to convert your visitors into leads. To generate leads on your website, you can use different conversion points such as downloading premium content, a chat system, a demo request, or even an automatic callback request. Without a conversion point.

Your content is not suitable for your prospects

At the time of the connected and autonomous buyer, your website slows down your business development. Your salespeople and your site do not have the same discourse. I have been a salesperson for about fifteen years. What frustrated me the most in my career is being in a lack of information in front of a prospect. Worse, at the top of all my unpleasant experiences, I place the fact that my prospects know more about my own business than I do. How is it possible? If your marketing and sales departments aren’t communicating effectively, it’s very likely that marketing is pushing content onto your website without sales reps knowing. In this specific case, your prospects will be entitled to a double talk: that of your website and that of your salespeople.


Without a perfectly aligned speech, your website penalizes your business activity. Your website is not mobile-friendly. As of 2016, mobile internet traffic has overtaken computer internet traffic. A few years later, I’ll let you project this trend. The experience of your visitors is not optimal if your website is not responsive. Unfortunately, you don’t get twice the chance to make a good first impression, and an estimated 40% of internet users do not return to a website if their first browsing experience was negative. Your website does not appeal. Does your website have that “je ne sais quoi” that makes it special? It’s better this way! While the left brain of your visitors is oriented on logic.

Your website shouldn’t sell

calculation and rationality, the right brain is centered on emotion, creativity, and imagination. Your website must be a clever mix of all these components, providing clear information and a unique experience. Remember that the goal of Internet research is to find an answer to a problem. The content of your website must therefore be adapted to this very specific need. At another time, your website must provide an experience and a positive feeling to your visitors in order to leave them with a feeling of “je ne sais quoi”. This famous “Wahoo Effect” that millennials love so much. The impression your site leaves on your visitors complements their satisfaction at having found the information they were looking for and that is the only way you can convert them into leads

One of my new clients told me a few days ago that he had just seen that one of his prospects that he has been following for 8 years had just signed with a competitor. The salesperson’s last call was 18 months ago. At the time, he was not ready at all. To avoid this and convert your leads faster and more often, it is important to create content that will allow you to feed their thinking through automatic email sequences for example. You keep in touch and as soon as the situation clears up, you know it and the salesperson can intervene. Want to Generate Leads and Convert Them More Often with Content Creation? Download our Inbound Marketing Guide!

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