Where is your current product on this spectrum? If you don’t have a true business backing your single product. What steps will you take to expand its value? Leave me a note below in the comments with your thoughts:here’s the deal: video is huge right Conduit CN Number now. And it’s only going to get bigger. But don’t just believe me on that. Check out these facts: snapchat (an app for making and consuming video) is only  years old and valued at $b facebook-owned instagram recently copied snapchat video features almost one-to-one facebook vp nicola mendelsohn said that in  years. Our 

Facebook feeds will be “all video” now here are a few email + video stats: the word “video” in subject line increases open rate by  (source) a video inside email increases click-through rate by  (source) video can increases web conversion rates by  (lots of examples here) you might be wondering …. Traffic guide free download the ultimate guide to website Conduit CN Number traffic for business first name * email * download now why is video so effective for businesses? Well. There are a few reasons. As alex khambir. The founder of a kick-ass video production company writes on his blog. Video is so powerful because it leverages the oldest medium known to humanity — a story to build powerful emotional connection in seconds. 

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Video provides the most rewards to the viewer (effectively explains ideas. Entertains and engages) and requires minimum cognitive effort (apparently our brains process video . times faster than text). It’s only natural that you should take this Conduit CN Number powerful (and popular) medium and use it to engage your target audience and convert them into email subscribers. I also provide  free list building boosts at the end of this post. So be sure to check them out. How to use video to grow your email list here are two very effective approaches for converting your blog readers and website visitors into email subscribers. 

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Collect emails directly in video you can include video directly on your website (either in a blog post or on a homepage) and collect emails with wistia’s turnstile. Wistia is a cool video-hosting website (an alternative to youtube and vimeo). One of its features that you Conduit CN Number as a marketer will love is the turnstile. Watch the video below to see it in action (it’s only  seconds long): normally. You add turnstile as a gate viewers need to pass to continue watching the video. With a few hacks and integrations on the backend. I used it a bit differently. (I share email marketing experiments and their results with my email subscribers. 

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If you want an in. Subscribe using the turnstile in the video above.) wistia’s got data on where in the video your turnstile is likely to get the most conversions: wistias-data-for-use-video-to-grow-your-email-list here’s something else to consider: do you want to Conduit CN Number make that email signup optional or required? Here’s wistia’s data on that: wistias-data-for-use-video-to-grow-your-email-list- once you start implementing this strategy. You’ll realize there are many things to test and consider. It gets more exciting the more you think about details such as:

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