He must also organize himself and ensure the follow-up of his prospects. The key here is automation. A Marketing Nigerian Email Database all tasks without adding value. One of the functionalities allows sales representatives to automate making appointments by offering prospects a direct link to their calendar to synchronize in real-time. Another offers automatic email sequences to feed prospects’ buying thinking. Download our B2B Marketing Automation Guide. Maintain motivation. Motivation is the key to prospecting well in B2B. Unfortunately, motivation is going to come. It’s not easy to take winds all day long, wait for prospects to come back, and deal with lost deals. But the most difficult point for a salesperson today is to admit.

That he has to rethink the way he prospers. For years he excelled. Today, he has to accept that the change in buyer’s behavior has made his approach obsolete. The solution to ensure the motivation of your salespeople is to invest in training around sales digitization. We offer our clients a top Inbound Workshop for that. Salespeople love it and it’s a great way to integrate them into a more global digital transformation. Maintain customer relations after the sale. A day is only 24 hours, for everyone. The salesperson already occupies all his days prospecting and doing administration. Customer loyalty often goes by the wayside. However, as we know, retaining a B2B customer costs much less than gaining a new one.

Stand out from the competition

The problem in B2B is that the decision-maker does not sign for a company but for a person. He signs for a person he considers the best to solve his problem and help him achieve his goals. I have a client whose salespeople only manage pre-sales and sales. The after-sales service is ideally managed by the technical service. I say ideally because, in fact, customers call the salesperson and not the technical service. For customers who follow the rules, satisfaction is often lower. Another customer told me that the only communication his customers received was an invoice. It’s cartoonish but we all understand what he means. Here too, Marketing Automation is a solution.


Marketing Automation allows you to send automatic communications to your customers based on their offer and behavior. With our clients, Marketing Automation generally allows us to increase a client’s lifespan by 30%! The Internet has deeply strengthened the competitive threat. The buyer is one click away from a potentially more attractive offer. The salesperson must therefore do everything to stand out from the competition. Ok, but what do you do? As we have just seen, the B2B buyer does not sign with a company but with a person. The salesperson must therefore establish strong relationships with their prospects and customers. For this, there is no miracle recipe: we must help!

And this, even if he is not sure to sign

Altruism and benevolence are in my opinion two crucial qualities to prospect well in B2B. The salesperson must provide solutions to his prospects and answer the questions they ask themselves. At the agency, we attach a lot of importance to that. We send great content to our prospects, we write a lot of articles like this, we wake up every morning with the goal of helping you. Very often, prospects do not sign with us but congratulate us on our business approach. It doesn’t make us eat, but in the long run, the recommendations make it worth the effort. Make your customers your first ambassadors! Meet all Business Challenges with Marketing Automation.

Content creation helps your sales reps. Prospecting in B2B is more and more complex for salespeople. As we have been saying for a while now, the buyer now prefers to carry out his buying thinking on his own and at his own pace and does not agree to speak to a sales representative before he is sufficiently mature. This is why salespeople spend most of their days hearing classic objections such as “now is not the time”, “we are not ready”, “call us in X months” from their prospects. The salesperson then makes a note to call the prospect back in X months, but what happens between these two calls? Nothing. Having a strategy “in your head” or not having a strategy is the same.

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