Some companies, historically from e-commerce, are naturally very attentive to the behavior of their customers. They follow Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers List and the products purchased, are able to give them personalized suggestions and thus develop their turnover. For example, blue plastic cups would be perfect with your outdoor tablecloth.

More generally, the personalization of messages has a double interest: not only the customer keeps contact with your brand but in addition it encourages customers to come back to your site who do not turn away towards your competitors.

Be careful, it is not enough to send an email to your prospects and customers to keep them engaged with you. The modern buyer expects from you a unique communication adapted to his stage of the purchasing process.

By creating effective content marketing

That attracts the right people, knows how to find them in the right place at the right time, Inbound Marketing supports the modern buyer in their quest for information.

The Inbound Marketing methodology breaks down into 4 steps:

Attract visitors to your site
Turn these visitors into qualified prospects
Convert these leads into customers
Retain customers in order to make them your ambassadors

how to prospect on social networks


Your site visit numbers can be misleading. You don’t really want a 200% increase in your traffic to your site within 6 months. What you want is an increase in qualified visitors i.e. leads .

By implementing the Inbound Marketing methodology through the creation of blogs, the optimization of your natural referencing and your website as well as by publication on social networks, you will activate all the leverage of web marketing to attract to you quality prospects and therefore modern buyers in their search for information.

The modern buyer wants an effective relationship

Once you have attracted visitors to your website, you need to convert them to leads. This inevitably involves collecting information. The implementation of a registration form, Call-to-Action, Landing Page and a CRM will indeed allow you to convert your visitors into qualified prospects.

By following the Inbound Marketing methodology, you will not disrupt your prospect’s purchasing process, but you will provide them with all the evidence that your company is able to provide them with the services they are looking for.

By analyzing all of the actions your prospect performs on your site, you will learn a lot about him. What pages has he visited, how many webinars has he attended, how many white papers has he downloaded? You are able to know how well your prospect knows you. Now is the time for the first call and it will only be easier.

Unlike a hard call, this first exchange is part of a logical continuation that fits into your prospect’s purchasing journey. This first contact will allow you to understand how you can help your prospect find the product or solution they are looking for.

The implementation of an inbound marketing methodology therefore makes it possible to attract the modern buyer by attracting him as soon as he becomes aware of his problem and by offering him content with high added value.

Companies keen to take advantage of the changing behavior of these new buyers have taken the plunge. They know that in order to reach and attract the modern buyer, you need to deliver value-added content.

The implementation of an Inbound Marketing methodology requires a real investment. Nevertheless, the efforts and the time spent make it possible to obtain a higher return on investment than all the other traditional prospecting levers.

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