Find that time, even if you don’t have it. You know, missing a recruit is expensive. Even more for an Aruba Email List in specific actions and tools. Step Find Qualified Candidates. Digital Marketing Recruitment: Advertise your Offer. As so often, quality prevails over quantity. Do not disperse yourself and publish your job description on all the websites available to you. Focus on the right levers, those frequented by the profiles you are targeting. As part of a Digital Marketing recruitment, you can activate the following levers: Cooptation (solicit your colleagues and partners); Social networks and your website; APEC (rather than Pôle Emploi less qualified); Specialized sites (Job Boards or blogs like ours!);

Regarding cooptation, you can solicit your employees and partners by promising them a bonus in the event that the co-opted Digital Marketing profile is recruited. By activating these levers, if your job description has been worked well upstream, you will receive tens, hundreds, or even thousands of CVs. We will have to sort it out! Digital Marketing Recruitment: Sort CVs. We are not going to lie to each other, you will receive everything. Even if you have taken the time to work on your job description and you have activated the right distribution levers. Some “job seekers” apply en masse, on a copy/paste basis, without even taking the time to study the offer and contextualize their application.

The desired training and experience

Yet contextualization is a key quality for a Digital Marketing profile. The first sorting will therefore be quickly done. Start by quickly eliminating applications that have nothing to do with your Digital Marketing recruitment offer. Then select the CVs that bring together the Digital Marketing skills and the expected qualities. Finally, give preference to candidates that match your corporate culture. If you have less than 10 CVs, you will be able to contact them. If you have more left, do a final sorting by only retaining the applications that are sufficiently contextualized and highlighting the results generated by the candidate. Mistakes not to make when sorting CVs. Focus on training. Focus on the field of activity of the experiences.


Do not analyze the candidate’s background; Do not attach importance to the results generated; After all that, you will only be left with the best candidates. It remains to contact them for the crucial phase of Digital Marketing recruitment: the job interview. Step Conduct the interviews. The interview phase is crucial because it allows you, as the candidate, to validate that you are well suited to work together. The problem here is that the time allotted for an interview is limited. So you have to be efficient. I suggest you here – as part of a Digital Marketing recruitment – to apply to your recruitment the 3-step methodology that we use in digital prospecting. Connect.

The qualities and skills required

To explore. To validate. how to conduct a job interview during digital marketing recruitment. Connect – 10 candidates max. This is a call of a few minutes that will allow you to validate that you did well in selecting this CV by asking a few key questions. Then you can make an appointment for a physical interview. Explore – Between 5 and 10 candidates. The objective of this first interview is to talk about the candidate. Only the candidate. This exploration interview should allow you to validate that the candidate is indeed the Digital Marketing recruit that you need. During this interview, you explore the candidate’s expectations, strengths, and weaknesses. You review his training, his experiences, and especially his results.

Validate – 2 or 3 candidates. It’s time to validate your choice with a second job interview. At this stage of your Digital Marketing recruitment, you have selected 2 or 3 profiles with the required skills and qualities. This 2nd interview should allow you to identify the candidate who will live best in your company. In other words, you must validate the skills of your candidates. This time you are talking about yourself and your corporate culture. Digital Marketing Recruitment: a 3-part interview. Contextualization. You start the interview by setting out the context. Why are you and the candidate gathered in this room today? What are the issues? How will the interview go?

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