To write the perfect blog post, you have to write for your target audience. Okay. We have seen that we have to Catalan Email List at the right time. We have seen that this means that you have to write a blog article that answers a question asked by your target according to their position in the buying journey. To do this successfully, you have to know your target damn well! At the agency, whether for us or our clients, we do Persona work for that. The objective of this work is to understand in detail who our target is, what their expectations and behaviors are on the Internet.

Persona’s work allows us to identify the challenges that our target encounters and to write blog articles to altruistically bring them solutions. Even if this article, the best article in the world, is a priori spontaneous, our work as Persona allowed us to notice that our ideal target was writing blog articles without generating a maximum ROI. So I know that by writing this blog post, I will attract B2B marketers who need help writing theirs and who are likely to be interested in our Inbound Marketing services. Persona’s work also allows us to write our blog posts in the right tone using the right keywords as well as share them on the right.

How To Convert Your Visitors Into Leads?

You will understand: the objective is to write the best article in the world … for your target! By writing a blog post with the generosity I mean 2 things. First of all, I am convinced that to gain customers on the Internet, it is essential to sincerely help your target. That’s why we give you absolutely everything on our Inbound Marketing blog. This is our way of seeing Digital Marketing. You are free to disagree. By generosity, I then mean writing a blog post that deals with a topic in depth. Although I know there is little chance that you will read this entire blog post – even though it is the best blog post in the world!


I write it in depth. By giving you all the keys you need to write a good blog post. The benefit of writing a long blog post is twofold. First, it allows me to position myself as an expert in my field of activity and to show you that I know my subject in-depth, width and direction. Then writing a long blog post is good for SEO. How many words to be well referenced – blog article. As you can see here, the pages that rank first on Google have an average of 1950 words. This is the size that the blog post I am writing will most likely be. There are other benefits to writing a blog post that covers your topic in depth.

Nothing’s Easier Than This

Content marketing – what is the ideal size for the blog post. First, we notice here that the blog articles that are the most shared on social networks contain between 3,000 and 10,000 words. Then, a study shows that a longer blog post generates on average between 30% and 40% more leads . Please note, this is not about writing a long blog post for the sake of it. Each of the words you use must add value to your target audience. Remember, writing for search engines is bullshit! Writing an effective blog post is optimizing it for conversion. If we take stock, writing the best article in the world is. Write an article that conveys a message and emotions. Check.

Write an article that brings value to our target. Check. A blog post that covers your topic in depth. In progress. I feel like I’m pretty much on my way to writing the best blog post in the world, right? More seriously, to write a blog post that generates leads, it is important to optimize it for conversion. The goal of your blog post shouldn’t be just to attract visitors to your website. The goal of your blog post is to turn your visitors into leads and/or convert them into customers . To generate leads with a blog post, it must encourage readers to engage by leaving you their contact details to go further.

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