And when we fear something that cannot actually harm us. It can escalate to a point where it affects our daily functioning. And we find ourselves constantly afraid of events that haven’t happened yet. Fear of failure is one of the most common and most damaging fears that many people struggle with. This fear Chile Phone Number  comes from the belief that if you give 100% and fail. Then you’re a failure. This is the most devastating form of fear and overcoming it is essential for success. Percentage of 18-64 population with positive perceived opportunities who indicate that fear of failure would prevent them from setting up a business. 

According to the gem adult population survey (aps). 2015 that is the reason why it is so important to get rid of this fear and here you can find seven efficient ways for how to do that. Traffic guide free download the ultimate guide to website traffic for business first name * email * download now 1. Realize you Chile Phone Number  are panicking many people get overwhelmed with emotions without realizing what should be done in one or another situation. That is why they start acting immediately and unwisely and it makes them regret it later. One of the pieces of advice given by psychologists is to realize that you might be panicking. 

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The quality evaluation of the situation will bring about more positive results and worthy conclusions. Another reason if you can’t make up your mind what should be done. In this case. You had better start looking for help if something seems impossible to overcome. Image source: beck’s cognitive triad 2. Chile phone number Identify your worst-case scenario a fear of failure usually makes people give up on even the tiniest difficulty they face. But a fear becomes a great obstacle on your way so it is desirable to stop and think what might await you if you do not perform the assigned task or work properly. I

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Dentifying the worst scenario that you might face in case of being overwhelmed with fear. You will see whether the consequences are really severe and require immediate Chile Phone Number  involvement. In most cases. People realize that there are no obvious reasons to fear and make the right conclusions not influenced by it. 3. Do a reality check many people perceive a situation in a much more catastrophic way than it is in reality. Many facts that they consider truthful are only imagined by them. So a quality reality check is a necessity. 

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Apart from thinking of the worst-case scenario you can ask yourself several questions that may return you to reality: what consequences of the worst scenario have actually happened? How bad is this scenario really? What am I really afraid of? What good does this fear bring to me? Answering these Chile Phone Number  questions. You will remind yourself of the lack of likelihood that your actual fear might ever happen in ordinary life and ease your stress. 4. Reject perfectionism considering perfectionism a healthy ambition. People make a great mistake as it is one of the ways to cause failure. Children. Who are always encouraged to receive only excellent grades. Suffer much more if they fail to do that.

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