To Generate Qualified Leads, Create a Landing Page Optimized for Conversion. Once your visitor has clicked on Vatican City Email List to a Landing Page. A Landing Page is a landing page dedicated to an offer exclusively and designed for conversion. This Landing Page should not leave your visitor any other choice than to fill out your form to benefit. From your offer or leave your site. Convert your visitors into leads with a landing page. In other words, to generate leads. You need to create a Landing Page that allows you to understand at first glance the added value of your offer and limits distractions. As you can see from the Landing Page above, there is no navigation menu.

It is voluntary: either the buyer downloads our offer, or he contacts us, or he leaves. If he does one of the first two actions, we convert him to a lead. If he leaves, it’s because we haven’t convinced him and he probably doesn’t match our ideal client profile (Persona). To Generate Qualified Leads, Adapt your Form to Your Target. Another mistake I run into frequently that prevents businesses from generating leads: using the same form for all content offers and contact requests. The form is a fundamental element in generating qualified leads. The form should allow you to retrieve all the information necessary to measure. The qualification and maturity of your prospects.

How to regard!

Clearly, your form should be based on the demographics you defined when working with Personas. But beware: your visitors are not ready to give you the same information depending on whether they are in the Awareness, Consideration, or Decision phase. In the Awareness phase, the visitor is only at the beginning of his reflection, while in the Decision phase, he is clearly more engaged. In addition, a visitor will not agree to give you the same volume of information for an infographic as for a market study. The number of fields in your form should be based on the quality and value of your content offering. To Generate Qualified Leads, Promote Your Content on Social Networks.


To generate quality leads on your website, you need to attract as many qualified visitors as possible. In this process, you cannot limit yourself to natural referencing. Although search engines are the biggest source of B2B traffic, you should use all the channels available to you to promote your content. Social networks are very relevant levers for generating leads on the Internet. Here are the most used social networks in B2B to promote content: As you can see, in B2B you can harness the potential of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. To Generate Qualified Leads, Analyze Each of your Actions. To generate leads on the Internet, it is essential to analyze your actions.

Top 10 social networks used in marketing strategy

This step is very often neglected by B2B companies, unfortunately. Analyzing your actions allows you to identify which actions are performing well and which are not. Unlike a traditional marketing and sales strategy, lead generation on the Internet allows you to monitor your performance in real-time using analysis tools such as Google Analytics or Marketing Automation tools. If you have well-defined your objectives, you have been able to deduce key performance indicators – KPIs – to follow to validate that your strategy will allow you to achieve them. Generating leads on the Internet is a matter of experimentation. You have to test, fail, refine, start over. Without analysis, you will certainly not be able to generate ROI in the long term.

Of course, you might be able to generate a few leads every now and then, but you won’t know where they’re coming from. Analyzing your actions also allows you to give sales reps a boost. If they know the source of the leads you pass on to them, they will have more context to offer them a personalized approach that is essential to convert them into customers. To Generate Qualified Leads, Be sincere, altruistic, and benevolent. As we saw in the preamble, the buyer no longer expects you to sell your offers but rather that you guide them through the buying journey. To generate qualified leads on the Internet, you must show your target.

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