Let’s take a look at some of the most important wechat features and how they can integrate with your china digital strategy. Official accounts businesses can launch official accounts on wechat. These are distinct from general user accounts. Official accounts allow for Tunisia Phone Number the creation and customization of your own mini-site within the wechat application. You can also provide your own unique content and customer services. This acts as a key area for wechat branding. Official accounts for wechat features a quality mini-site developed on wechat. 

There are two different varieties subscription and service: subscription accounts – these are better if you want to push more regular content and notifications. You have one post per day and these notifications for users are display in a sub-section for subscription Tunisia Phone Number accounts. It is important to note that these accounts do not allow for wechat payment. Service accounts – these are best for businesses accessing more advanced features on wechat. Your post content will be seen on the main ‘moments’ fe and. Display in-line with personal contacts. So as users look at their messaging page they will see your post within this. 

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Service accounts also offer wechat payment which is a significant plus. With official accounts you need to attract followers. On wechat users can only see content post if they are already subscrib to your account. Therefore many businesses use their official Tunisia phone number vwechat as a site for promotions and exclusive offers for subscribers. This strongly incentivises the chinese who have developed a strong culture of following official accounts. You attract followers through exclusive wechat promotions. The sharing of quality chinese tailored content. And through interacting with users. 

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There are many large groups on wechat focus on specific topics where you can start conversational threads link to your area of expertise. Users will often share content on their moments if it is interesting and engaging. There is a much stronger culture of Tunisia Phone Number sharing posts in china which you can utilize with the right wechat content. Subscription and service for wechat features above is the moments feed with a sponsored post from a service account . Subscription and service for wechat features  above is the ‘subscription accounts’ follow page. E-wallet development from a marketing perspective the monetization of wechat is fascinating. Wechat can be linked to a users bank account where they can make payments via wechat itself. 

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Users collect qq coins. Transfer money. Top up their mobiles. Pay utility bills and make payments all via wechat. E-wallet development for wechat features e-wallet services. A social network developing in line with e-commerce in this fashion is unique. For western business here are the two most useful functions: hongbaos – this translates as ‘red envelope’ and is based Tunisia Phone Number on the chinese tradition of giving red envelopes at special occasions and festivals. Businesses can utilize ‘hongbaos’ to attract followers with a lucky dip system with one or many followers winning prizes. In the envelope is a fixed sum which is then transferred to the users wechat wallet. They can be shared in groups or individually as a reward for following and sharing your posts.

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