What is more frustrating than having invested in a website and carrying it out. Communication activities on the Albania Phone Number List return? In order to get you off to a good start. Here are the 7 reasons why you are failing to generate qualified leads on the web. It often happens that I am contacted by companies who do not understand. Why their competitors are ahead of them on Google and who are surprised to have no incoming contact. From the internet when all of them praise the relevance of the web and social networks for business development. When I tell you regularly, it is regularly: not a week goes by without me hearing these remarks.

To find your customers, you will therefore need specific content to attract and evangelize your prospects, establish a ranking or Lead Scoring to deal with hot prospects and finally have an effective use of the telephone. Do you want to generate Marketing Leads that will be converted by your salespeople? Check out our guide to B2B Inbound Marketing! Only there, he will be receptive to an appointment with a salesperson, an appointment during which he will seek to validate that your innovative solution will allow him to solve his problem and achieve his objectives. How to modernize your commercial prospecting in the age of the Web and Social Networks? Download our free guide now!

You’re Not Tackling Things From The Right Angle

You are not the only ones to annoy you that the Internet does not bring you leads despite the actions you take and your investment. To allow you to review your strategy and identify what is stuck in order to act better, I suggest here the 7 most common reasons why innovative companies fail to generate leads with the Internet. The B2B buyer has completely changed the way they get information when thinking about buying . Now, the B2B buyer identifies a problem and seeks to validate whether it is important to solve it or not. Then, he himself explores the possible solutions before choosing one. It is only at this stage of the reflection that he comes into contact with a salesperson.


The buyer also has new expectations of the companies with whom he plans to work. Over-solicited, the buyer no longer expects a company to sell its products to him, but rather to show him that it is the best option to solve its problems and achieve its objectives. To generate qualified leads on the Internet, you need to be visible on search engines. The buyer inevitably uses Google and search engines in their purchase thinking. Suddenly, if your website is not referenced on the right keywords used by your prospects during their purchase consideration, you have no chance of attracting their attention since they will not see you. As an innovative company, there is important work to be done here since your prospects.

You Are Not Visible To Your Prospects

Not being aware that solutions like yours exist, will not seek you directly. We see it in all of our customers: as an innovative company. Your prospects lead a purchase reflection that generally spans several weeks or even months. As we saw in Reason 1, the buyer generally does not contact a company until the moment of making their decision. After having validated that their problem is important and compared the different solutions. If you don’t have inbound contacts from the Internet. It’s probably because you don’t offer enough content on your website to fuel your prospects’ buying thinking from start to finish. Your website is not optimized for conversion.

As an innovative company, through your DNA. You are well aware of the challenges linked to your presence on the internet and social networks. Suddenly, you take action to try to generate prospects through its levers. If you can’t reach your goals, it’s a safe bet that your website is not optimized for conversion. On the internet, distractions are everywhere for your prospect and if you don’t do anything to encourage them to take action, they will likely continue browsing the web, leaving you as they did. You are not addressing your target. As we have just seen, on the internet. The requests are very numerous and suddenly, you quickly sort between the contents.

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