By determining which persona the prospect you are going to contact belongs to, you will focus on two essential aspects: You need to Saudi Arabia Phone Number List goals and challenges. Thus, you will focus the discussion on what really matters, which is the needs of your prospect. By doing this, you are putting aside the pitch and the tendency to repeat the same thing to all of your prospects regardless of their need. The quality of your approach is also based on the personalization and contextualization of your exchange. Your prospect contributes to several LinkedIn groups on the Supply Chain in Africa? Your approach must integrate this specificity to match the level of expertise of your contact.

In the best of all worlds, the first email or phone contact leads to a qualified meeting. This happens in 1% of cases. For the remaining 99%, we need to plan a strategy and a recovery agenda. How to effectively relaunch your prospects in B2B? Based on your persona’s habits, you have identified their connection habits, social networks and the time of day they use them. By combining this information and establishing an appropriate reminder frequency, you will multiply all the chances that your communications will be read or heard: it is up to you to set the number of reminders (we recommend not to exceed 5 reminders) and the tools that you want to use (LinkdeIn, Twitter, Email, comment on the company blog…).

From Your Prospect In Relation To Your Offer

For each follow-up, you need to bring relevant content and information to your contact to feed their thinking and allow them to move forward in their purchasing process. This is the best way to reduce the length of the sales cycle. Beyond planning, the quality of your messages is essential. Your prospect expects more from you than a simple repetition of your website and illustration of your products and services. Your understanding of your prospect’s needs should be visible in each of your communications. So choose the content that you are going to share with him. To make the right choice of content, you can base it on your prospect’s behavior.


If you know how to follow its evolution on your website and identify the last pages that it has consulted, you can then send it an email which is not based on your perception but on its final visit to your pages. An email based on your prospect’s behavior will be even more likely to grab their attention and deliver the right message at the right time. 3 of B2B digital prospecting ▸ Discover your prospects. You have introduced your prospect to all the relevant aspects of your business. You are now entering the discovery phase of your prospect, a critical phase of your digital prospecting plan. At this stage, and since the exchanges have brought enough value to your prospect.

Your Plus Points In Digital Prospecting

The latter has given you his agreement to start a discussion by phone. Because yes, you understood it correctly: at this stage of digital prospecting, you have not yet picked up your phone! This first telephone contact does not in any way resemble a first traditional telephone prospecting contact. The big difference is that your prospect already knows you from the discussions you have already had with him. Now, use the information gathered throughout your digital prospecting to position your speech. The telephone conversation must therefore focus on your ability to respond favorably to the expectations of your contact… or not! What information to discover about your prospect in B2B? The main objective of this exploration phase is to understand.

If you are able to help your prospect achieve their goals and meet their challenges. To understand if this is the right time to start this discussion, you need to know what attempts have already been made by your prospect to achieve their goals. If attempts are still in progress, now is not the best time for you. On the other hand, if your prospect is actively looking for new solutions, you can validate the next steps in their buying cycle with them. Then, you need to know how the decision chain is carried out, that is to say the authoritative people for this kind of purchase and of course to approach the concept of budget.

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