Our purchasing habits have changed dramatically in recent years. It is essential to review the way you sell. Some Dominica Email List levers. Others prefer to adopt. In their metamorphosis, these salespeople all fall in love with Inbound Marketing! Inbound Marketing is a charming strategy. His promise? Attract customers to you rather than chasing them. Inbound Marketing is the perfect strategy to meet the expectations of the more independent modern buyer, preferring to lead the majority of their purchasing thinking alone and to be able to do without any contact with a sales representative. Why? Inbound Marketing is about creating quality content to initiate and fuel your buying thinking.

The buyer wants to find the answers to the questions he asks himself and the solutions to the problems that he encounters alone, on the Internet. If you make it easy for him, he will inevitably be grateful to you. And that the salespeople love. Here are 4 reasons why sales reps are madly in love with inbound marketing: With Inbound Marketing, Salespeople No Longer Spend Their Day On The Phone. As a salesperson, I can say it loud and clear: the best gift that the marketing department can offer me is not the trophy for the best salesperson awarded each year at the end of the year party. No. The best of gifts is a hot, mature prospect who wants and needs to speak with sales.

And You Have To Understand Them

The salesperson who uses traditional prospecting methods may be able to meet their goals for the year. But he would not be against the idea of ​​being able to devote himself only to qualified and mature prospects. The main reason sales reps are madly in love with Inbound Marketing is because it gives them the opportunity to achieve very high conversion rates and greater efficiency in their sales process. With Inbound Marketing, the Marketing department generates leads and only transmits to sales representatives those who have shown significant signals of interest. With inbound marketing, sales reps only spend their time with the prospects most likely to become a customer.


The dream! Would you like to know more about inbound marketing? Download our Guide to B2B Inbound Marketing! With Inbound Marketing, Salespeople no longer Prospect in the Hard. Now is the time to put your briefcase on the shelf, place your sales brochures in a drawer and put an end to the points collected at gas stations during your quarterly rounds. Salespeople who adopt an inbound marketing strategy no longer have to look for their customers themselves. It is the job of Marketing that must attract the attention of the buyer on the Internet, during his purchase reflection. The salesperson’s job has changed. He now spends his time talking with contacts who show great interest in the company.

It’s Up To You To Advise Rather Than Sell

Its products, and services. To add even more color to this beautiful picture, salespeople are madly in love with Inbound Marketing because this strategy allows them to precisely measure the maturity of prospects thanks to Lead Scoring. The higher the Lead Scoring, the more mature the prospect. To learn more about Lead Scoring and put it into practice, it’s here. This ensures that sales reps don’t waste time making appointments with cold prospects. Personally, as a salesperson, I love the idea. Not you? With Inbound Marketing, salespeople become popular guides. Salespeople who deal with Leads from the Inbound Marketing methodology do not seek to sell at all costs but seek to help Leads solve their problems.

Remember, it was the prospect who found you online and already has a lot of information about your business, the market, prices, your competition, etc. You are therefore solicited by Leads as an expert on your products and services. It is this approach that will create the foundation for a strong and lasting customer relationship. So use your expertise to be selective and sell only to Leads who are in your target market and for whom your products and services will be perfect. This will give you the opportunity to build a relationship of trust with your customers. In the global approach of Inbound Marketing, your customers become the ambassadors of your company.

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