Have you invested a large amount of money in your B2B website but no one is visiting it? Are you implementing Luxembourg Email Addresses your expectations? Here are the main reasons that prevent you from attracting qualified visitors to your B2B website. When you log into Google Analytics to analyze your website visit performance and report to your management, your heart is pounding hard. The number of visitors has not changed for several months and you are wondering what actions have been taken that have led you to such results? Because we have to face the facts, your B2B website does not attract enough visitors.

Here are the most likely reasons why your website is not attracting B2B visitors: The contents of your website are not adapted to your target. In journalistic terms, we speak of the chestnut trees to evoke the subjects that come up frequently. The problem of content that is not adapted to the targets of our customers is our number 1 chestnut tree. A client recently told us that he had set out to conquer a new market, the industrial market. To his great regret, his salespeople are having great difficulty in attracting new customers and moving the business forward. On its website, absolutely no content was adapted to its new target. No content addressed the issues.

Your website talks too much about you

And the added value that our client brings to manufacturers. To attract qualified visitors and generate leads to your B2B website, it is essential to send the right message on your website, to the right person at the right time. If your B2B website does not attract enough qualified visitors, review your content. Another great classic that we often come across with our prospects and clients is the exhaustive description of their business. This can be very useful for Théo, your future 3rd intern, for his internship report, but it does not help your website to attract new visitors. If you only talk about yourself, your products, your story. There is little chance.

That a prospect who does not know you will visit your site. 71% of B2B decision-makers conduct generic searches rather than brand searches on search engines. Speak only of yourself, that’s good for Théo, but not to increase the number of your visitors. Your website is not well referenced. Did your last Google searches give you shivers? How is it possible that in a search of hyper-specific keywords, on your heart business, your site ranks only 5th page? Was it bad luck? Surely not. Your B2B website is not well referenced because of the choice: Your content is not optimized for the web; Loading time is too long and Google doesn’t like it

And for good reason

The technique of your site is not good, your tags and attributes are not optimized; To improve your website’s SEO, here are 7 quick improvements you can make. You don’t promote the content of your website. Relaying your publications on social networks is a practice that should not be neglected in order to attract visitors in B2B. And when we talk about social networks and add B2B in the same sentence, we obviously tend to talk about LinkedIn. Next, come Twitter and Facebook. To attract enough visitors to your B2B website with social networks, it is essential to respect some good practices, for example, the number of posts to publish each week.

If you use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to a small extent to promote your content or promote your business, this is part of the reason why your website is not attracting B2B visitors. Want to Turn Your Website into a Lead Machine? Download our Free Guide: Second, the quality of the leads generated is not good. It just means that the messages you send are not good. It does not attract the right visitors and by extension, the right leads. Simply. If you encounter these two difficulties, it is because your marketing plan is not adapted to the expectations of your target. Your marketing budget is therefore spent unnecessarily and this contributes to a high customer acquisition cost.

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