It is imperative that you work on marketing and sales alignment. You are not using the right tools. We should not put Nepal Email List as the marketing strategy and not the other way around. We meet too many B2B companies who believe that investing a lot of money in a tool is enough to generate a return on their investment. It’s like thinking that buying a pair of shoes for 300 dollars will make you run faster. Bullshit! However, if you are not using the right tools, your digital marketing strategy cannot work. And when I say “the right tools”, I mean the right tool.

There is no point in multiplying the tools to succeed in your digital marketing strategy, on the contrary. Multiplying the tools is multiplying the risks in marketing. To optimize the returns from your digital marketing strategy, you must invest in a marketing tool that will allow you to manage all of your actions under a single interface. This is the best way to save time and effectively measure the return on investment of your digital marketing strategy. You do not analyze your actions well. This naturally leads to the 5th right. Why is your digital marketing strategy not working? Don’t you know? It is that you do not analyze your actions well.

Choose your social networks well

Digital marketing allows you to monitor the performance of the actions you take in real-time. You can track the performance of your social media posts, web pages, and Emailings. Analyzing this performance should allow you to refine your actions to send the right message to the right person, in the right place, and at the right time. Do you want to set up an effective B2B digital marketing strategy? Switch to Inbound Marketing: Publish the right content; Post at the right times; The conversion tunnel. The conversion funnel is what will allow you to convert your website visitors into qualified leads. A conversion funnel is made up of 4 elements: A call-to-action button – Call-to-Action.


A premium content offer; The landing page – Landing Page. A lead generation form. The idea is to encourage your visitors to send you their contact details in exchange for a high added value consideration. To go further here, I recommend that you consult our guide to B2B lead generation. Emailing. stat lead not mature in B2B. 73% of the leads you generate in B2B are not ready to buy. It is therefore generally too early to pass them on to salespeople. These leads are being considered and you must nurture them to bring them to maturity. For this, E-mailing is the best lever. An effective digital marketing strategy in B2B is a strategy.

The right tools

That integrates e-mailing to provide content adapted to the maturity and qualification levels of leads. Too many businesses think that E-mailing consists of sending E-mails to a base of contacts who do not know them. That doesn’t work. To understand how to gain customers with e-mailing, download our free guide. Scoring. Lead Scoring consists of noting the qualification and maturity of your leads. Lead Scoring is what allows you to determine what type of content you can send to your leads. Scoring is a scale generally out of 100, including all the demographic and behavioral criteria that characterize your ideal prospect. Each time a lead meets a criterion, they earn more or fewer points depending on the importance of this criterion.

Passed a certain threshold that you must determine with the sales team, he is considered qualified and mature. The Lead can be passed on to salespeople. E-mailing should allow you to increase the Lead Scoring of your Leads. To create an effective B2B digital marketing strategy, you need to identify the right tools. I wrote an article on the subject: there are to date more than 7000 digital marketing tools that exist. How to sort? The key here is to limit the tools. The challenge is even to determine the most complete tool that will allow you to manage all the actions of your digital marketing strategy under the same interface. In this logic, a marketing automation tool like Hubspot stands out as a relevant solution.

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