Procrastinate, you’re losing time you could’ve used to Colombia Phone Number refine and improve your work — remember, time is your most valuable asset. While some procrastination can be beneficial, that doesn’t mean you should lie to yourself and put off all your work because you “work better under pressure.” if you’re struggling to start, remember that just the act of actually Colombia Phone Number starting your assignment is half the battle. Once you do that, handle it bit by bit until you nail it. Writing to hit a word count many of us have been guilty of this at one point or another — you’re pressed for time, and before you know it, you find yourself typing away aimlessly just to hit your agreed-upon word.


Count This Is Problematic For Many Reasons. The Colombia Phone Number

Count. This is problematic for many reasons. The Colombia Phone Number main issue with writing to hit a word count is that much of what you write will likely have no real value to the reader. If you find yourself writing away in a flurry, stop yourself and Colombia Phone Number take a step back. Read what you wrote and consider if it adds value. The time spent on a page is shrinking and shrinking in our age of distractions — the moment the reader feels they’re wasting their time, they’ll bounce from the page. Be careful and ensure you are always 100% present when writing. Repeating the same words over and over there’s a big difference between using the same adjective a few times in a long-form blog and using it.

Three Times In Just The Intro Paragraph. You Colombia Phone Number Canr Many Reasons. The Colombia Phone Number


Colombia Phone Number

Three times in just the intro paragraph. You Colombia Phone Number can bet that your readers will notice, too. The first step in catching yourself in the act of repetition is to be diligent Colombia Phone Number when writing. That way, you can be creative on the spot and use different phrases to say what you originally meant. Writing-to-hit-a-word-count the next step is to be on the lookout when proofreading  your finished work. Remember — if you think you used that word too recently, then you did. If you find yourself leaning on certain words like “great” or “simple” as you write, do a search for these words after you’ve finished writing. If you flag three or more

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