Is your sales department tired of marketing? Between China Email Lists is not surprising. By taking marketing lightly, you start to ruin your chances of implementing a successful strategy. If your sales reps don’t want to hear about marketing anymore, it’s most likely because you don’t have a strategy. You don’t have a marketing budget or a medium / long-term marketing vision? Do you prefer to test stocks every once in a while or are you the type of person who invests small in a very short period of time because you don’t want to take the risk of throwing a large sum down the drain? You cannot generate ROI without a Marketing Strategy.

Marketing and especially Digital Marketing require regularity, organization, and patience. As a result, your salespeople no longer take marketing seriously because it doesn’t bring in anything. We understand them! You multiply the attempts and the investments, you entice them with your new actions by promising them the prospects of dreams… And nothing comes. During this time, they are eating away at their brakes by taking more and more winds over the phone and having to prospect 10 times more than a few years ago for equivalent or even lesser results … Do you want more? We share with you our experience feedback in the video: Marketing works alone, in its corner! It is very common: Marketing has his office and he does not leave it.

You don’t have a Marketing strategy

Marketing alone works its strategy, only its personas and carries out its actions alone to generate leads and win customers. There are 2 consequences to this. The first is that no one understands what Marketing is doing and thinks it is fun on the Internet. The second is that Marketing generates leads that they think are quality for salespeople but which salespeople don’t deal with because they are bad. Naturally, tension sets in between the two services. To conduct an effective marketing strategy and generate quality leads for sales reps, it is essential that the two departments agree on a common definition of the ideal Lead. You do not support your salespeople in their digitalization.


Switching to Digital Marketing or Inbound Marketing is often the first brick in the digitalization of a company. The Internet has an impact on the daily life of salespeople. First, they find themselves facing a modern buyer who is always more connected and autonomous in his buying thinking. Clearly, he must prospect a buyer who no longer wants to talk to him. Then, converting Leads generated by Internet Marketing requires a different approach and actions from traditional prospecting. Finally, new tools such as CRM and Marketing Automation are revolutionizing their daily lives. The business of the salesperson is changing and it is Marketing’s fault. It is essential to support your sales teams here if you do not want to lose them on the way.

Management and support for change are the keys

Do you want to give back a smile to your salespeople? Download our Guide to Lead Generation: I wanted to highlight in this article the books that address the Digital Marketing strategy as a whole. If you like this type of article, I will write others on each of the Digital Marketing themes: web referencing, social networks, e-mailing and paid to advertise. Indeed, the implementation of your Lead Scoring allows you to understand what are the demographic and behavioral characteristics of your ideal Lead. All you have to do is build your Lead generation forms based on these characteristics. A point of vigilance before finishing, your forms like your Lead Scoring should not remain frozen in time. They are scalable.

You must first of all clearly define the questions that your target asks themselves throughout their purchasing journey and the problems they encounter in order to contextualize the message of your Emailing. The second thing to do emailing effectively is to properly segment your contact base. You will be able to create a personalized Emailing and optimize your conversion rate. Finally, creating effective Emailing also means creating an optimal conversion tunnel. In other words, you must integrate into your Emailing a visible and inviting call to action button that will return the clicker to a landing page optimized for conversion. After sending your Emailing, don’t forget to analyze its performance.

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