A powerful website to attract qualified prospects. It is essential to measure the performance of your Estonia Email List in real-time. Want to Generate More Leads? Switch to Inbound Marketing! Directly in the diary of the salesperson concerned. In other words, the marketer will work and create a number of documents, such as articles, videos, or white papers, which will be used by salespeople to advance their prospects in their buying thinking. This optimized work offers you a sustainable competitive advantage since it allows you to create usable content over a long period of time that will: Attract new prospects, thanks to SEO techniques. Help sales mature their prospects to turn them into customers.

Reduce the length of the sales cycle. Align marketing and sales efforts. inbound marketing strategy exercise book. Will the added value brought by the implementation of the Inbound Marketing strategy be perceived by your market? Does your market know you? Your customers know you, that’s obvious! But have all the players in your market ever heard of you? Does he know your products and services? Does he know your added value?  He know your way of responding to his problems? Through the good knowledge of the expectations of your Personas, the creation of specific content positions you as an expert in your market. As such, the objective of implementing the Inbound Marketing strategy is to make your online.

What content to create for your target?

The presence is an essential source of information for your market. In short, content creation efforts should lead you to become the “Wikipedia in your market”. The dissemination of value-added information to your market will only strengthen your status as an expert. The implementation of the Inbound Marketing strategy, therefore, helps you to better communicate your added value to all the players in your market: customers, prospects, partners. What impact will the Inbound Marketing strategy have on the company’s working methods? If you want your sales and marketing to be more effective, communicate better, and add value to each other, changing the way you work is a must. Good thing, the implementation of the Inbound Marketing strategy goes in this direction.


Concretely, your marketing and sales departments must have common objectives and avoid working on different performance indicators as much as possible: The alignment of marketing and sales efforts impacts the working methods of these two departments since the performance indicators of the actions are the same. In this sense, the implementation of an SLA (Service Level Agreement) is a good first step to guide the marketing and sales teams on the evolution of working methods. Ultimately, it is possible that these two departments, judged as enemy brothers, become one. Marketing and sales, therefore, work together efficiently and optimally. From a commercial service point of view, the Inbound Marketing strategy fundamentally modifies the techniques for approaching prospects.

Poor sales and marketing alignment loss of customers

Indeed, the method of dealing with a mature and qualified lead is very different from the way of approaching a cold prospect over the phone. The working methods of sales reps are radically changed and from experience, I can guarantee that sales reps love Inbound Marketing. The working method of salespeople is therefore changed for the better. Does your company master the technologies and know-how necessary for the implementation of the Inbound Marketing strategy? This is a question we hear very often and which can be the source of many fears: Invest in Inbound Marketing Software? To do what? What are the costs? What does it earn me? We already have software that we use too little, why invest in an Inbound Marketing solution?

Although there is a panel of players in the Inbound Marketing software market ( Marketo, Hubspot, Plezi, Pardot …). It is possible to set up an Inbound marketing strategy without using the above software suites. To take our example, we started to set up Inbound Marketing actions from 2013, to obtain significant results in terms of visits, leads, and customers. Regarding the mastery of technological tools for the implementation of the Inbound Marketing strategy, it is therefore not necessary to immediately equip yourself with software to obtain results. On the other hand, if you are already in the Inbound marketing process, that you generate many leads, that you use tools such as Google Analytics, MailChimp, Hootsuite.

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