This is a question that comes up regularly with our clients: why did we choose to become a Hubspot partner agency? What is the UAE Email List Automation? There are 4 reasons that will ultimately seem obvious to you. What is Hubspot Marketing Automation? Why Hubspot and not some other Marketing Automation software? What are the reasons why we became a Hubspot partner agency? Why do we offer you Hubspot and not a competing solution? To bring more ROI to our customers. I created the SLN Web agency in 2013 with the initial ambition of supporting innovative and technological companies in generating leads on the Internet. Concretely, we allowed our customers to attract more visitors to their website.

And convert them into qualified leads. After 2 years, I realized that my customers were happy but they were missing the icing on the cake. I sent them qualified and mature leads. But they didn’t always have the time or the methods to convert them into clients. Problem: Without the conversion. It’s hard to measure ROI. It is from there that with Sébastien. We decided to support our customers throughout the purchase funnel. From lead generation to their conversion. In this process, we approached Hubspot which presented us. With a complete tool allowing in particular to measure the level of qualification of a lead and to send him personalized and contextualized emails, all this in an automatic way.

Here are 4 obvious reasons

Besides that, the reporting functionality of the Marketing Automation Hubspot software totally seduced us: with one click, it is possible to generate a complete report showing the performance and the turnover generated for each of the actions of a Marketing campaign. To align marketing and sales. We are fundamentally convinced that in order to win B2B customers, it is essential to align your marketing with your sales department. Numerous studies show that the B2B decision-maker no longer wishes to speak to a salesperson before having made himself alone a precise idea of ​​the solution he needs. Therefore, Marketing must put in place a strategy to generate qualified leads. And bring them to maturity before passing them on to the sales department.


For this to work, the two services must work together, inevitably. Hubspot Marketing Automation software is designed for alignment between Sales and Marketing. Hubspot offers a complete tool combining Marketing Automation and CRM. Salespeople can therefore collaborate effectively, under a common tool. Would you like to know more about our Inbound Marketing Agency? Make a Telephone Appointment Now in our Agenda!. As we have just seen, the B2B decision-maker wishes to carry out the majority of his purchasing thinking alone. The buyer no longer expects you to sell your offers but to guide them through the buying journey. To satisfy them, you need to send them high value-added content, personalized and contextualized content.

To meet the expectations of the B2B buyer

Hubspot is an ideal Marketing Automation solution for capturing and leveraging all the information needed to send the right message, to the right person, at the right place, at the right time. To benefit from the support of an Automation leader. If we have become a Hubspot partner agency, it is to benefit from the support and technical support of a leader in Marketing Automation. Hubspot was created in 2006 and has been operating in an international environment ever since. Hubspot has tens of thousands of customers in all areas of activity. Hubspot’s experience and technical service allow us to respond to our customers’ issues within hours. They also allow us to take advantage of Marketing Automation software equipped with the latest features.

This last point is essential for our agency: we support innovative and technological companies and we owe it to ourselves to offer them modern and differentiating strategies. Marketing Automation Software is Powerful but Complex. Marketing Automation is a very powerful software that allows you to generate qualified leads and convert them into customers, all automatically. The great strength of Marketing Automation software like Hubspot is the ability to edit very in-depth reports in one click to monitor the performance of your actions. Your Marketing Automation software allows you to analyze the relevance of your actions and improve your strategy in real-time. However, for this, it is essential to set specific objectives for yourself in order to identify the performance indicators to monitor.

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