Before the Internet, the only source of information available to the buyer was the salesperson. Now the France Mobile Number Database click away. This requires you to review your business approach to avoid getting hung up on or finding the door closed. Contact request emails that go unanswered, a phone ringing in the void that nobody picks up, the famous secretary barrier… The daily life of the salesperson is no picnic. We are regularly contacted by companies who notice that the traditional prospecting levers have lost in efficiency and which no longer manage to generate enough leads to guarantee their turnover. When we ask sales reps what they plan to do to achieve their goals.

Very often they tell us that they are going to work harder. Clearly, they plan to increase their efforts tenfold. From experience, we know that increasing efforts without reviewing sales prospecting methods is irrelevant : the results do not increase proportionally with the volume of calls made. The first thing to do here? Review the way you contact your prospects, taking into account the following 4 points. Your prospect leads his buying thinking alone. The Internet and social networks have profoundly changed the behavior of the B2B buyer . The buyer now prefers to think about his purchase on his own. Two figures very telling here: A buyer conducts between 65 and 90% of their buying thinking alone before contacting a salesperson.

Build Your Marketing Automation Strategy

59% of buyers prefer to avoid talking to a sales representative during the buying journey. Before the digital revolution and the era of constant connection, salespeople had the power because they had the information. They knew their products, knew how to present them, and also had a very good overview of the competitors and the market. All this is no longer relevant since the modern buyer sometimes becomes more expert than the seller. Your prospect can find all the information they need online to make their buying decision, so they no longer see the point in talking to a salesperson. Your prospect is disturbed by your actions that he did not ask for. Like all of us, your prospects don’t like to be disturbed for anything.


Understand here that their schedule, like yours, is full and that they don’t have the time (or the inclination) to be interrupted by unsolicited communications. I myself have done a lot of telephone prospecting as we play the lotto. I crossed my fingers so that my interlocutor was available to establish a first exchange. Some of my prospects told me, after the fact, that they had researched my cell phone number, which it was not answering. When they saw links relating to a commercial function, they simply blocked my call number on their line. Worse than a spam email … a blocked cell phone number! Your prospect does not perceive your added value.

Successfully Launch Your First Marketing Automation Campaign

How many so-called “promotional” emails have you received over the past 30 days? How many have you opened and viewed? and especially why did you consult them? When we know that a buyer receives nearly 20 commercial emails every day, we easily understand that it is important to add value to our contact to hold their attention. The challenge here is therefore to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Before pressing the “send” button, ask yourself the following question: “If I received this message, would I consult it?” If the answer is not a “Yes”, rework your email so that your prospect gets added value.

Concretely, here you must allow your prospect to move forward in their purchasing journey: you feed their purchasing thinking by responding to the problems they encounter and the questions they ask themselves. To go further: 4 steps to support your prospect in their purchase thinking. Your prospect is not active in the buying journey. Ideally, and when your many calls have resulted in a meeting, you’re ready to show off your best sales presentation. Everything is therefore aligned so that your prospect is, at the end of your interview, ready to place an order. The portrait is idyllic and does not reflect the reality on the ground. Even if you get in touch with your prospect and get a qualified meeting.

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