Your appointment booking rate per call will explode. Why do your marketing and sales digitalization – slowed? But Bermuda Email List no way similar to the classic telephone prospecting approach. The start of the process is however perfectly identical, that is to say, dial a telephone number and then pass the switchboard barrier. Not all conversation steps with a Lead are the same as with a cold prospect. Indeed, incoming Leads are processed in 3 distinct stages: Remember that your Lead generation forms have allowed you to collect valuable information on the objectives, challenges, or even the estimated date of your Lead’s project.

This information should be used to start a personalized and contextualized conversation. This first connection call should last between 5 and 10 minutes. This time will be useful for you to understand if it is interesting for you and your Lead to continue the exchanges. If everything seems to align for your Lead to become your client, you can position the next meeting. Otherwise, the Lead must return to the marketing department to be nurtured. Step Exploration. During this second telephone meeting, you will not have much speaking. Even though salespeople like to talk (I know what I’m talking about) now is the time to listen. You will say very little about yourself, your products, or your services.

We will come back to that

You’ll be asking lots of questions to explore the context and needs of your Lead. This is a major point of modern telephone prospecting. Why? To allow you to retrieve all the key information on the context, issues, and needs of your Lead. You will be able to bring value to your prospect and that’s good, that’s what the modern buyer expects from you. To succeed in your telephone prospecting and attract the modern buyer, you no longer sell. You help. Step The Presentation. You have gathered all the elements to be able to present your company and especially the way in which your products and services will perfectly meet the needs expressed by your Lead.


The floor is yours! Finally. During this appointment, you will have to: Start with a summary of your previous exchanges. By confirming that the context is still the same and that the objectives have been fully understood, you reassure your Lead. Provide a concrete response to your ability to support your Lead in achieving their goals. Present your commercial proposal in perfect harmony with the needs and issues previously identified and expressed. New call-to-action. Conclusion. Telephone prospecting is not dead but it must be modernized. The buyer’s behaviors and expectations have changed dramatically and he prefers to think alone, as much as possible. In this situation, cold telephone prospecting is not optimal.

Attract and Retain Talents

The salesperson must focus their telephone prospecting efforts on inbound leads. The salesperson must reserve for the hottest and most mature prospects in order to provide them with a personalized and contextualized approach. In short, the salesperson must stop selling and start adding value. Otherwise, the modern buyer will prefer to talk to Google … If we are looking for a product, a service, or a company. Suddenly, it is essential that your website is optimized for local SEO. The local referencing of your website goes through the creation and supply of your Google My Business account. By creating your Google My Business account, you will create an SEO record that will appear in Google when someone types your name into the search engine.

In this sheet, you enter your location and link your website. You will be asked for validation by phone or mail. You will thus validate your location and improve your references as part of a local voice search. Do not neglect your presence on other local directory tools either. Indeed, voice assistants do not all rely on the same data sources to prioritize responses to voice searches. Google and Android obviously favor data from the Google Local Pack (which includes Google My Business and Google Maps). For voice searches on iOS or macOS via Siri, the data used will rather come from Yelp, Bing, Apple Maps and Trip Advisor. Regarding Alexa, the sources used are also multiple.

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