As an innovative company, you have to meet major challenges: generating qualified prospects, bringing them to China Phone Number List a lengthy sales cycle. To meet all these challenges, Marketing Automation stands out as an obvious solution. As if this were not enough, we must also add the change in buyer’s behavior in B2B: with the Internet and social networks, the buyer has all the information he needs to carry out his own thinking on his own. purchase and he likes it! Unfortunately for you, between the time he realizes that he has encountered a problem that he must solve and the moment he takes action, weeks or even months can pass.

To meet all these challenges, you must therefore offer your prospects a unique experience based on personalized and contextualized interactions. There, do you have to say that it takes a lot of time? Not false ! Unless you switch to Marketing Automation! Download the Marketing Automation Guide. By downloading the Marketing Automation Guide for Innovative Companies, you will benefit from 22 pages to: Understand what Marketing Automation is. Validate that you are really ready to move on to Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation is a very powerful tool, but it requires a good dose of preparation and significant strategic work. Unfortunately, we too often meet companies that launch big maneuvers on feeling and realize after a few months

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chances are that the person you are talking to is not currently looking for your products and services. In 90% of cases, your attempts to establish contacts go unheeded since the context of your prospect is clearly not in your favor: he is not active in the buying journey. You need to modernize your commercial prospecting. Are you having difficulty signing new clients and achieving your goals? Increasing your efforts will not change anything if you do not review your sales prospecting methods to meet the expectations of your prospects. What you can see as a drag – the change in buyer behavior – is actually a real opportunity to improve efficiency and performance.


Our clients are faced with the same issues as you: to enable them to meet these new challenges, we have implemented an Inbound Marketing methodology aimed at. Generate qualified leads. Identify the most active prospects in the buying journey. Feed their buying thinking to bring them to maturity. Convert your prospects to customers faster and more often. Want to get in touch with prospect? Modernize your sales prospecting strategy by downloading our white paper! that they are not managing to generate ROI . It is to avoid this mishap that we have published the Marketing Automation Guide for Innovative Companies. By downloading it, you can take concrete action and quickly notice the following benefits.

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Internet and social networks require you to review your marketing strategy and your sales prospecting methods. In your thinking, you must consider Marketing Automation as a possible solution. If you recognize yourself in any of the following 7 signs, you should even make it a priority! The performance of your commercial prospecting actions is declining. Let’s be frank: the sinews of war is your turnover. The performance of your commercial prospecting actions is therefore a very clear indicator to measure your economic health. However, commercial prospecting has never been so complex for two reasons: Increased competition. A significant reduction in the length of the sales cycle. An increase in the volume of leads generated.

More qualified marketing leads. An increase in your prospects/customers conversion rate. Optimization of customer satisfaction and loyalty. The complexity of the purchasing process. These 2 reasons are rooted in the Internet revolution. Players are emerging from all sides, innovating at high speed and you must always struggle to demonstrate your added value to the buyer. The buyer, let’s talk about it: with the Internet and social networks, the buyer has taken on the task of carrying out the majority of his purchase thinking on his own and can no longer bear to be interrupted by communications that he has never solicited. If he needs information, the buyer goes to the Internet.

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