Today, many businesses are integrating blogging into their successful marketing strategy. At a time when Norway WhatsApp Number List lead generation strategy, the corporate blog is an essential lever.

Why start a business blog?
How to start a business blog?
What you should not do !
What is a corporate blog?
Modern marketing is a real ecosystem at the center of which we very often find the company’s website.

The website is now a showcase visible everywhere, by everyone and at any time. Much more than a showcase , the website also makes it possible to obtain commercial contacts (which are called leads) and even to sell its products and services directly within the framework of e-commerce sites.

The stake is thus all found. The company must optimize the visibility of its website to attract more traffic and convert it.

For this, the company uses different levers, gravitating in harmony around the website: social networks, forums, search engines, mailings… And blogs!

All these platforms constitute the digital communication ecosystem, the main driver of which is content. This is where the corporate blog makes sense. Like traditional blogs, the corporate blog is a platform used to publish articles around one or more themes related to your activity.

Why start a business blog?
Some say it has been dead for years, yet the blog is now the preferred lever for digital marketing experts. Still don’t have a blog for your business and don’t see the point?

The blog is part of my story. If I was able to create my web agency, it is thanks to my blog which allowed me to attract my first clients and to make myself a place among digital marketing experts.

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Today, the blog also offers me the opportunity to be asked regularly to lead training courses, conferences and even courses in higher education.

infographic stats blog in B2B
Some stats to convince you before continuing to read the article!
The blog is not dead and I even think it has never been so alive. As proof, here are 6 compelling reasons why you should start your business blog immediately.

To improve your SEO
Let’s be frank. If you want to be visible on the internet and attract new customers, you must do everything possible to optimize your positioning in the search engines . For that, you need to work on your natural referencing.


Clearly, if you are not on the first page on Google, you will not be visible enough to benefit from the web.To hope to reach that coveted first Google page, you will need to regularly create optimized content on your website.

In this approach, the blog is the only alternative since it will allow you to regularly write articles around your news, that of your sector, tutorials like this one, forums …

Unless you enter products on your website very frequently and therefore be able to create new pages at a sustained rate, the blog is the only lever that will allow you to create enough content to be visible on search engines.

Another important point to optimize your positioning in search engines: backlinks. Concretely, backlinks are links to your website published on other websites . To put it simply, for Google, a link equates to a recommendation.

If you write quality blog posts, they will be picked up by other blogs and websites that will post links to them. Unless you are an internationally renowned business, it will be difficult for you to get links other than by writing blog posts.

What Is A Corporate Blog?

To go further: How to properly reference your website? To attract more visitors
If your website has nothing more to offer than information about your company and your products, you still have little chance of catching the attention of Internet users and convincing them to visit your website regularly.

At a time when we are inundated with text, image and video content, at a time of e-mailings galore and of perpetual connection to social networks, our “available brain time” (to use a famous clumsy expression by ‘a leader of TF1 but so true) is limited and we want to make good use of it.

To convince Internet users to dedicate part of this free time to you, you will have to offer them high value-added content, which brings them something. High value-added content is content that educates, informs, solves or entertains.

In this situation, the blog is positioned as an essential lever.

To do this, you must create content that meets the research intentions of your prospects , throughout their purchase journey.

the digital marketing purchasing journey
The B2B online shopping journey
To go further: Understanding the purchasing journey
To feed your social networks
As you know, there are as many reasons for being on social media as there are for creating a business blog. However, before you start on social networks or even when you are there, many of you have wondered what you are going to be able to post on social networks.

This is a legitimate reason because your return on investment on social networks depends directly on the quality of your posts. It is indeed the quality of your publications that will encourage users to follow you on social networks, but it is also this one that will make your publications more or less shared.

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