Lead Scoring is decisive for measuring the qualification and maturity of the contacts you generate on the Internet. The quality of FIJI EMAIL LIST rate of your leads into customers. Why and how to work well with your Lead Scoring? Follow the leader! The definition of Lead Scoring is simple but understanding it well is complex. So what is Lead Scoring? Lead Scoring is a scoring system that allows you to measure the level of qualification and maturity of the contacts you generate from your website. The definition of your Lead Scoring is generally done on a scale from 0 to 100. Lead Scoring must first allow you to determine the right time to contact.

Your leads in order to optimize your chances of converting them into customers. Lead Scoring should then allow you to properly segment your contacts, prioritize the actions to be implemented to convert them, and personalize your marketing and sales actions. Why set up a Lead Scoring? As mentioned above, Lead Scoring gives you the opportunity to convert your leads into customers faster and more often. The reason is simple. 73% of the leads you generate on the internet are not ready to buy. In other words, they are not sufficiently qualified and mature to be contacted by a salesperson. Stat leads is not mature in B2B. The interest in Lead Scoring is therefore obvious.

The definition of lead scoring

The idea is to define a threshold beyond which your Leads are considered sufficiently qualified and mature to make their purchasing decision: for example, and according to the definition of your Lead Scoring, all leads reaching 60 points must be contacted. during the day by the sales department. What about the other Leads then? According to their Lead Scoring, you can determine their position in the buying journey and therefore send your Leads the right content: content that answers the questions your leads are asking according to their level of maturity. Here is what it looks like: Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing, In fact, the implementation of Lead Scoring saves precious time for your marketing.


And sales teams and allows you to contact a Lead at the right time with the right message. Imagine for a moment that you are in a superb dynamic of generating 50 Leads per day. That is to say, 250 leads were generated per week. In front of you, the frightened look of your two salespeople who are crumbling over requests for contacts, appointments, or even demonstration requests. Their days are already very busy and the number of Leads continues to flow. At this stage and if you have not defined an effective Lead Scoring, it is impossible for your sales representatives – nor for your marketing department – to know which Leads to treat as a priority, and even less which are the leads with the potential.

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The most important. Without Lead Scoring, the following situation results from a large generation of Leads: Ineffective management of incoming contacts by your sales representatives; A low conversion rate between the Leads generated and the clients signed; Non-personalized commercial actions; Marketing that generates Leads but a sales department that cannot – and does not want – to manage Leads; Do you recognize yourself in one of these points? or even at least 2? or even the 4? Don’t panic, we’ll explain a little further on how to set up effective Lead Scoring. To the question “ why set up a Lead Scoring, you now have some answers. Another of these is the very reason SLN Web exists: the alignment of Marketing and Sales efforts.

Indeed, our vision of business development in B2B is as follows: The salesperson must spend his days dealing with mature and qualified Leads; The Marketing department must supply sales representatives with mature and qualified Leads; As such, the definition of Lead Scoring is the first step to ensure your good Marketing and sales alignment. Another point, the definition of Lead Scoring makes it possible to ensure that the marketing and sales departments work hand in hand and follow common objectives . What information should you collect for the definition of your Lead Scoring? As we saw above, Lead Scoring allows Marketing and Sales teams to have an ideal treatment of the Leads you generate.

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