The creation or redesign of your website cannot be improvised. To create the perfect website, it is necessary to work well on your project Cyprus Mobile Number List at the risk of ending up with an unsuitable website. Here are the 5 points to validate before having your website made or created.
We are very regularly contacted by companies who do not understand why their website does not bring them contact. They have invested a significant amount in the creation of their website but no one visits it.

Very often they worry about not being in the search engines , to appear behind all their competitors on Google, even the most modest.

Do you also encounter these issues? They all come from the same error: you did not ask yourself the right questions when creating your website!

Another mistake that companies very often make when creating a website: they do not anticipate their SEO strategy, thinking that the SEO of a website can only be worked after it is online. .

An SEO strategy is a series of actions that allows you to optimize your website around strategic keywords to be well positioned in search engines. Want to be first on Google? It is when creating your website that it takes place.

Creating A Website Cannot Be Improvised: It Is A Strategic Project

When a company asks us to create its website and it does not have a precise idea of ​​what it expects from it, we automatically refuse. If this is your case, we are not the right provider for you and other agencies will do this very well.

Our vision of the creation of a website is strategic: the creation of a website should not be an end but rather the start of a web strategy that will allow you to achieve specific objectives.

In my opinion, this is the only way to create a website that will not disappoint you in a few months.

To create the perfect website, it is important to ask yourself before starting the big maneuvers and to think about different points that will directly impact the success of your project.


The 5 points to validate before creating your website
Clearly define your goals
The first thing to do before launching the big maneuvers for the creation of your website is to precisely define your objectives. What exactly do you expect from your website?

The idea here is not to answer a vague thing of the type “to be visible” or “to present what one does”. You must work on specific objectives in terms of visitors, targeted prospects and new customers for the creation of your website to be a success.

These objectives will allow you not only to determine indicators to follow to ensure that your website corresponds to your expectations, but also to identify the characteristics that it should have.

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Make Sure You Have Control Over Your Website

Very often, companies go through a service provider to create a website. The website created is superb, it is online and all is well. However, very often, the service provider does not give you control of the website and you must therefore go through them for the slightest modification. This is reassuring since you do not have the in-house skills to manage your website. However, you will quickly realize it, the sequence of modifications will cost you the eyes of the head and, by force, you will limit the updates.

However, it is essential to regularly update your website to be well referenced in search engines. Before creating your website, make sure that you will have the possibility to create and modify pages at your convenience and very easily after uploading.

For this, your website must contain a management interface – a back office – which will allow you to update your website in a few clicks.

Today, CMS like WordPress allow you to have a website that is easy to administer on a daily basis , without special technical knowledge.

Think about your SEO strategy.

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