Social networks are now essential to your communication strategy. Despite everything, there are so many Germany WhatsApp Number List way around. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and co… Which social networks should you choose for your business?

In an ideal world, would you use them all? It’s a safe bet that you do not have the human, temporary and financial resources necessary to communicate effectively on all social networks. If your eyes are bigger than your stomach, you risk creating accounts that will not be active enough and it will be detrimental to you.

“Do not disperse: too many social networks, kill social networks! ”
So which social networks should you choose for your business? If you think you absolutely need to be on Facebook because it’s the most popular and “everyone’s there!” », You are on the wrong track! Each social network has its own characteristics that are important to take into account to define the most relevant social networks for your business.

75% of Internet users say they are ready to share content they enjoy on the Internet with their friends and family;
86% of marketers consider social networks to be an important lever;
89% of marketers say that the gain in visibility is the main benefit of social networks;
To go further: why do you absolutely have to communicate on social networks?

Facebook is the most used social network. In France, there are 30 million Facebook accounts. It can therefore be considered essential for your activity but it is important to qualify this idea. Indeed, since Facebook is the most used social network, it is also the most competitive social network. Today it is difficult (who said impossible?) To develop your community on Facebook without investing a minimum in a Facebook advertising campaign.

Why Do You Need To Communicate On Social Media?

The advantages of Facebook
The vast majority of your customers and prospects have a Facebook account;
You can share all your content on Facebook: texts, images and videos;
Is Facebook Right For Your Business?
93% of the most engaging Facebook posts have a photo;
42% of users like a Facebook page to get discounts or promotions;
35% of users like a Facebook page to participate in contests;
77% of B to C marketers have already won customers thanks to Facebook;
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Is Twitter Right For Your Business
Twitter is a micro-blogging social network that allows its users to post short messages, limited to 140 characters (tweets). Twitter presents itself as a social network of information in real time.

The advantages of Twitter
Twitter makes it possible to carry out a complete market watch in real time;
Twitter makes it easy to promote your content by sharing URLs;
Is Twitter Right For Your Business?
85% of B2B marketers use Twitter;
50% of B2B marketers consider Twitter to be a relevant lever;
53% of companies on Twitter operate in the information and communication sector ;
To go further: how to communicate well on Twitter?which social networks to choose for your Google Plus business

Google +
Google Plus is Google’s social network. Its uses do not differ from Facebook and Twitter, but its success is clearly lower. Many experts today consider Google Plus to be Google’s biggest flop. But who says Google says unlimited resources… Google Plus is therefore not to be neglected for your business.

Is Facebook Right For Your Business?

The advantages of Google +
Google Plus promotes your SEO and more particularly your local SEO ;
Google highlights Google Plus profiles and posts in search results;
Is Google + Right For Your Business?
68% of Google Plus users are men;
Pages that have generated interest on Google Plus (+1, comments or shares) are highlighted in search results;
Is LinkedIn Right For Your Business?

LinkedIn is a professional social network, the market leader. The publications made on the social network differ in this respect from what you can find on Facebook or Twitter. Here, we only share professional content. The ambition of LinkedIn is to allow you to develop your professional network.

The benefits of LinkedIn
LinkedIn’s user base is a gold mine for your business. It is the most qualified contact base on the market, well ahead of Kompass and others! ;
LinkedIn is a relevant lever for developing your employer brand ;
LinkedIn allows you to improve and modernize your recruitment strategy;
Is LinkedIn Right For Your Business?
65% of B2B companies have already gained customers thanks to LinkedIn;
40% of B2B buyers inquire about LinkedIn for their purchases of technology products and services;
91% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn;
To go further: how to get started on LinkedIn?

Is Youtube Right For Your Business?

YouTube is the leading social network for sharing videos. Since video is THE marketing trend not to be missed, YouTube must therefore be part of your thinking and will certainly be integrated into your communication strategy according to your resources and skills.

The advantages of YouTube
YouTube allows you to promote your image, your products and services in video;
Like Google Plus, YouTube has a significant influence on your SEO;
YouTube’s advertising network is one of the least expensive;
Is YouTube Right For Your Business?

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