Are you generating marketing leads but don’t know when to pass them on to your salespeople? Are you Sierra Leone Email List can’t convert them? It’s all a matter of timing. Let’s see when is the best time to send a lead to sales. Understanding the Buyer to Deliver Leads at the Right Time.. To know when to transmit a lead marketing, it is essential to understand the expectations and behaviors of the decision-maker. What I mean by that is that the decision-maker has evolved well with the Internet and new technologies. They are always more connected and autonomous in their purchasing thinking. The decision-maker no longer wants to be interrupted by a commercial call that he did not request.

B2B lead generation stats. As proof, 90% of B2B decision-makers admit to never responding to a sales prospecting call. Besides that, 61% of them start thinking about buying from a search engine. The trend is therefore clear: the decision-maker wants to conduct his purchasing thinking alone and at his own pace. The modern B2B buyer leads between 65% and 90% of their buying thinking on their own. Only after that, he agrees to speak to a salesperson. Concretely, this means that salespeople should only contact leads once they have fully understood their problem and have a clear idea of ​​the solution they need. Basically, when they’re mature. So you don’t have to pass all the leads you generate to salespeople.

Buyer’s behavior in B2B to generate leads

Smart forms make it possible to never ask the same question twice to a visitor. So, for example, you can retrieve 15 pieces of information if your contact downloads 3 different resources on your website. Want to Turn Your Website into a Lead Machine? Switch to Inbound Marketing! The best B2B strategy is the Inbound Marketing strategy that we apply for ourselves and our customers. Inbound Marketing is designed to meet the expectations of the modern buyer. Which consists of giving points to a lead each time they meet one of the characteristics you defined in step 1! As soon as a Lead exceeds a number of points that you will have determined upstream.



You can transmit it to the sales representatives. So what about leads that are not yet mature? Align marketing and sales: a crucial issue. It’s up to you to bring them to maturity, this time using the Lead Nurturing methodology. Lead Nurturing involves sending your leads high-value content to help them progress in their buying thinking. In other words, you send them content that answers the questions they have and that can help them make their buying decision. Note that Marketing Automation software like Hubspot allows you to do Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing automatically: In B2B, 73% of the leads generated are not ready to buy. Your Content Offers Are Not Adapted.

We are talking about Lead Scoring

New call-to-action. Your Landing Pages are not Optimized. Many B2B companies make the mistake of building their Landing Pages like any other page on their website. If you are not generating enough leads, it is probably because your Landing Pages are not suitable. There are a few important rules to follow to optimize the conversion rate of your Landing Pages: You must create a Landing Page for each Marketing campaign; You must present the added value of your offer; Your Visitors Are Not Qualified
Here too, this is a very common problem. To generate leads in B2B, it is essential to know your target, their expectations, needs, and issues. The content offerings you offer on your website should be tailored to the maturity level of your visitors.

This is important because you need to leverage them in your content to attract qualified visitors. The key here is to work what is called Personas with the Marketing Department and the Sales Department. Objective: to define in detail the typical profile of the ideal prospect. If your visitors aren’t qualified, your content won’t add enough value and the experience on your site won’t be contextualized enough to convert them into leads. To convert your website visitors into leads, you need to convince them to give you their contact details for consideration. If you are having trouble generating leads, it is probably because the offers you are offering are not delivering value to your visitors.

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