If you’re using a photo on your landing page. Ensure that it has a purpose. Or else remove it. 15. Create a sense of urgency urgency is a critical part in pushing users past the purchase Argentina Phone Number List threshold. This is due to the idea of scarcity. In that consumers want what may soon be unavailable. Using language such as “one day only!” or “last chance!” will help increase that sense of urgency within the consumer’s mind. 16. Leverage the power of discounts everyone is attracted to a good discount. 

Shoppers don’t like to do math on the spot. So offering easy-to-understand discount offers. Like 50 percent off or two-for-one. Let’s them quickly understand the deal they’re Argentina phone number receiving. 17. Keep the messaging consistent if you’re providing mixed messages to the consumer throughout various marketing campaigns. You’ll create a sense of disconnect. Whether it’s ppc ad copy or a meta description in organic search results. The message and promise must align with what’s presented on the landing page. 

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Take a look at air canada’s cohesive landing page campaign Argentina Phone Number List below for inspiration. Good luck getting massive conversion rates on your landing pages! As each new year progresses. New challenges and goals arise. And in terms of your website. Improving your landing pages should be a top priority. 

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Whether you’re a small business or a huge corporation. There’s never been a better time to begin optimizing your web content. Now that you know 17 tricks to build a perfect landing page. Get out there and start winning over customers!Read an article recently about the availability heuristic.It’s a psychological Argentina Phone Number List shortcut that causes us to prefer immediate (aka: available) information over alternative solutions that take a little bit longer to think of. Those who can break through the availability heuristic are the innovators in their field. It’s this “anything is possible” mindset that led henry ford to manufacture cars rather than think of a way to make horses faster. This logic can be applied to anything. 


Take video marketing. For example. Videos give brands incredible results – the kind they can’t get with other content. But the problem is. Everybody knows that by now. To differentiate yourself. You need to take it one step further. Enter: interactive video. Video marketing guide free download the ultimate guide Argentina Phone Number List to video marketing for small business first name * email * download now what is interactive video? Put simply. Interactive videos are videos that your audience can interact with. This means that instead of your video taking viewers on a linear journey – where the only options are play. Skip. And pause – your video will have many different paths that users can navigate at their choosing. 

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This new “active” way to enjoy videos will make your brand more memorable and help you compete for attention in an ever-crowded marketplace. According to a recent wyzowl survey. Argentina Phone Number List Only 24% of marketers interviewed have used interactive video. But of these. 92% said it was an effective tool! So it’s clear that the early adopters of interactive video are happy with the results. Why? Lots of reasons! For starters. Interactive video is an incredibly diverse medium. Making it perfect for any business.

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