Communicating on social media because your customers and competitors are there is not a sufficient reason. It is important to Macau Email List successful. Here are 3 social media goals for your innovative business. Social networks are great opportunities to promote your innovative offer. Visibility on social networks is exponential: you build a community that shares your content and it quickly becomes visible to hundreds and then thousands of users. We are talking about virality! How to follow the evolution of your notoriety on social networks? You have several performance indicators at your disposal to monitor to verify that your actions will allow you to achieve this objective. The number of fans/subscribers to your social networks.

You have to be careful here: quality takes precedence over quantity. However, you might naturally think that the more subscribers you get, the more notoriety you gain. A mention is when a user shares a post by tagging your account on the social network in question. Here too, the more your innovative company is mentioned, the more notoriety it gains. The number of views on your publications. The reach of your posts is a key indicator on social media. The idea here is above all to identify your publications which are the most successful in order to repeat the feat! Do you want to communicate well on social networks and gain customers? Take advantage of our Online Coaching!

Social Media Objective That Gain Notoriety

Online digital marketing coaching – 60 minutes social networks. Social Media Objective Improve your engagement rate. Having fans and followers on social media is a great start. But if they don’t interact with your posts, it will ultimately be of no interest to your innovative business. Improving your social media engagement rate is arguably the most important goal to achieve. The higher your engagement rate, the better qualified your social media community is. How to measure your engagement rate on social networks? Here are the indicators to follow to measure the achievement of your engagement objective on social networks: The number of likes, comments, and shares. It is arguably the easiest indicator to follow. The more likes, shares.


And comments you have on your posts, the more engaged your community will be. The number of clicks. Very often, you will use social networks to encourage your fans/subscribers to take a specific action that will start with a click. The number of clicks is therefore a great way to measure your engagement rate. The number of visits to your website. Social networks are also a good way to attract visitors to your website. When someone visits your website from social networks, it’s because they’ve read one of your posts and want to know more. If that’s not good proof of commitment? Social Media Objective generates more qualified leads. Let’s be frank: if you use social networks, it is to develop your turnover.

The Number Of Mentions Of Your Social Networks

For this, you need to gain new customers for your innovative business. And to win customers, it is essential to generate qualified leads whose problems can be solved by your innovative offer. How to measure the progress of this objective on social networks? The conversion rate. This is almost the only indicator to follow to measure your performance in terms of lead generation. To generate leads on the internet, you must convince Internet users to give you their contact details for an offer of premium content, a subscription to your newsletter, or participation in a competition. To track your conversion rate. Just take the number of actions performed and divide it by the number of views on your social media posts.

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