Generating more qualified leads is a major challenge for your B2B business. But are you really doing everything you can to meet it? Are you doing the right things? Let’s see what Libya Email List B2B leads. Generating qualified leads is no small feat in today’s modern buyer’s age. The modern buyer is autonomous and refuses to be interrupted in his day when he has not asked for anything. The B2B buyer now conducts the majority of his buying thinking alone and rejects any commercial solicitation before having a clear idea of ​​his decision. This change in purchasing behavior in B2B calls into question. The relevance of all the levers of traditional commercial prospecting.

I am thinking here of phoning, door-to-door, mass mailing, and even trade shows as we will see a little further here. To generate qualified leads, you need to grab and hold the buyer’s attention by showing them that you are the best option to achieve their goals. Let’s take a look at the opportunities available to you. First, important point: as this graph from the Companeo Lead B2B barometer shows us, it is essential to exploit at least 5 sources of leads to achieve your objectives, and this in a complementary way. Besides that, we notice that to generate leads, B2B companies use to: The most used are not the most effective at generating leads.

The Main Levers Used In B2B To Generate Leads

72% natural referencing. 71% Emailing. 60% trade shows. 59% of social networks and blogs. 53% B2B marketplaces. 42% Telemarketing. 39% online advertising. 16% webinars. Performance of B2B levers to generate leads. Still, according to the Companeo study, we note that the levers most used to generate leads in B2B are not necessarily the most effective. We note, for example, that email is considered unsatisfactory by 52% of companies that use it to generate leads. Emailing is not made to generate leads! Emailing is only effective if the recipients of your Emails have given their consent to receive them. But if so, then you already know them and they are already leading for you.


The problem here is that a lot of businesses use email to generate leads. How? ‘Or’ What? They buy contact files which they bombard with emails hoping to have mathematical results. Bullshit! Remember, the buyer does not want to be interrupted in their day by communications that they did not request. In addition, by purchasing contact files, you have no information on the position of these contacts in the purchase journey. So yes, if you have done your job well, the contacts correspond well to your marketing target: however, they are not necessarily in a purchasing process and mostly do not have a short-term project. Emailing is also an excellent lever for converting your leads into customers.

The Levers Used In B2B To Generate Leads

Neither do professional fairs! Performance of trade shows in lead generation. 60% of B2B companies use trade shows to generate leads but 78% of them think they are not or too inefficient! Trade shows are not meant to generate leads: why? There are several reasons for this: On a trade show, you cannot measure the qualification and maturity of a prospect. At a trade show, the majority of visitors are not ready to buy, they are not sufficiently advanced in their purchase thinking. At a trade show, it is very difficult to convince a prospect who does not know you to buy. You will have to work it on the body afterward.

Suddenly, the trade show can only serve you to recover contacts. And there, the cost per contact is much higher on a trade show than on the Internet, for example. Book trade shows to meet your customers or a series of hot prospects, whom you already know, and who are in the decision phase in the buying journey (and therefore ready to buy!). So what levers should be used to generate leads in B2B? The best option is Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing, the perfect strategy to generate leads in B2B. Inbound Marketing is a strategy that consists of attracting visitors to your site in order to convert them into leads. Bring them to maturity and convert them into loyal customers.

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