Everyone is talking about brand content today. But what is it exactly? In French, we also speak of branded content. Brand Spain WhatsApp Number List and develop a privileged relationship with its customers and targets. We tell you more in the rest of the article!
To understand Brand Content and its benefits, it is important to take a step back. At a time when there was no internet, nor even the Minitel.

Marketing did not yet exist. It is difficult to determine a precise period, let’s say that we are talking about a time close to the industrial revolution, in the 19th century.

In that very long time ago, the appeal of a product was only the price. We bought at the cheapest. The competition was not yet global, the products were not as complex as they are today.

To make a purchase decision, we first looked at the price. Then, let’s talk about the Thirty Glorious Years, after the Second World War, marketing appeared gradually. We started to build product offers: a price that was OK but not sufficient. With globalization, competition is increasingly fierce.

To be competitive, you needed a quality product with specific characteristics that make all the difference. Then personalized service, after-sales service, advice, proximity. And we come to the Internet age. All products, in general, look the same. The prices are similar, the service is comparable in all the creameries.

Everything now depends on the brand image. It is the image that determines the consumer’s choice. And how does a company build its brand image? With content. With Brand Content!

In order to promote its brand, complete its offer, the company creates, edits and shares content in all its forms: text of course, photo and video.

A Brief Introduction To Brand Content

Brand Content has different objectives: inform, entertain, learn, cultivate. These goals are determined by the will and needs of consumers.

An example of brand content
An example of very old brand content!
Admit, you don’t understand anything anymore? I have just told you that Brand Content has taken on its full extent with the internet and now I am telling you that it is a practice as old as the world. Should know!

In fact it is simple. Brand Content is today at its peak, at its peak. But it has always existed. Take the world’s oldest magazine that you have pictured here. “The Furrow”! The John Deere magazine that I know well since it was a competitor at one time… (It’s my life, I’m getting lost!).


100 years before my birth appeared the first issue of “The Furrow”. And John Deere was already using Brand Content without knowing it: advice for farmers, interviews, opinions … In this magazine, John Deere provided, and continues to do, a lot of content to make life easier for consumers.

Brand content is evolving and becoming more complex at the same rate as the media. First the written press, then radio, television. And now the Internet.

The opportunities to share content are endless. The content is broadcast on all media, all devices: computer, smartphone, tablet, television, connected objects … We went from Brand Content to Brand Content Marketing. Providing content is no longer enough.

A cross-channel strategy must be determined , adapted to all devices, in line with its own objectives and with consumer behavior : what are they doing? What are they reading? How do they surf? Not that easy !

A Practice As Old As The World

To go further: How to define your Persona Marketing?
Why should you do Brand Content?
The question has already been answered in part. To be more concrete, here are the advantages that Brand Content brings to you:

To generate traffic and convert it into customers
We are talking about Inbound Marketing here . Now everything revolves around a website. Sales are made online. To develop them, you have to attract more visitors . Brand Content is used for this.

The Internet user is looking for information that you bring to him? He will visit your website. Did you entertain him? He’s going to visit you! Other content will keep him loyal and others will take him to action …

To optimize your competitiveness
Is your product great? Is your customer service at the top? Is your price fair? This is great, but so are your competitors. Brand Content gives you an advantage. By its originality, virality and relevance, Brand Content sets you apart from the competition.

To establish a relationship with your targets Your customers and prospects are connected H-24. They consume content and are likely to consume it all the time. With Brand Content you feed your targets. You forge a privileged link between your brand and your consumers.

How to make Brand Content?
You have now understood it. To leverage branded content and maximize its impact, you need to work on your strategy.

First, why do you want to use Brand Content? What do you expect from it? Next, do you really know your targets? What are they waiting for?

the digital marketing purchasing journey
The 3 phases of the B2B buying journey. Once you have answered these questions, you will be able to determine the budget and resources to allocate to your Brand Content Marketing, what types of content to publish and where to distribute it.

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