Content is king in lead generation. To generate leads in B2B, it is essential to offer your visitors quality Russian Federation Email List details. What is the best content to generate leads in B2B? Here are the top 5. This is really the watchword for generating leads in B2B. The decision-maker no longer expects you to just sell your offers. He wants you to accompany him in his purchase reflection. To do this, you must help him understand his problem and solve it. This inevitably involves the creation of high added value content. SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps. How does it work concretely?

First, you write blog posts that are optimized for the web to attract qualified visitors to your website. Then, you encourage the visitor to commit to you by leaving you their contact details. To do this, you integrate call-to-action buttons – Call-to-Action – into your blog posts, like the one below to bring them to a Landing Page from which they can grab an offer of premium content. against a completed form. New call-to-action. What content generates the most B2B leads? According to marketers, the 5 most effective types of content for generating B2B leads are Content to download such as free white papers or guides – 66%. Webinars – 45%. Demo requests – 37%. Studies – 26%. Free trials – 22%. content to generate leads in B2B.

Content at the Heart of B2B Lead Generation

The B2B decision-maker is well aware that brands do everything they can to attract their attention on social networks. It is therefore essential that your more objective employees also communicate on social networks. Social networks to prospect. To generate quality leads and enable salespeople to convert them into customers, it is essential that the marketing department and the sales department have a common definition of a qualified and mature lead. The two services must therefore work together on social networks. Social networks are also great opportunities for salespeople to identify qualified prospects. For it to work, you need 2 things: Identify the right prospects. Approach them effectively; We do not approach a prospect on social networks in B2B as we approach by phone.


The salesperson must bring value to these prospects and this requires the transmission of quality content. Marketing is here an essential ally. For the agency, we offer prospects that we identify on social networks to download guides or read articles that correspond to their reflections. The editorial line. Suddenly, stock analysis is generally forgotten and it’s a big mistake. Communication on social networks allows you to monitor the performance of your actions in real-time and optimize them immediately. This is not the case for a TV ad, press, or any other traditional communication lever. So why deprive yourself of it? As you know, social networks evolve very quickly and remain effective. Do you want to know more about Inbound Marketing? Download the Free Guide!

Don’t sell anymore, guide

The key here is to offer different premium content offers to cover the entire purchasing journey of the B2B decision-maker. You have no other choice than to regularly analyze your actions to adapt your strategy to these evolutions. Communicating well on social media today does not mean that you will communicate effectively tomorrow. The rules of the game change, as do the expectations of the decision-maker! Social Networks are only a Lever of a Global Strategy. Communicating on social networks in B2B without activating the other levers of Digital Marketing is useless. Social media alone cannot allow you to generate leads. It is essential to integrate social networks into a more global marketing strategy of which your website is the central point.

Transmit the Lead at the Best Time with Lead Scoring. So how do you determine when a lead is mature and ready to be contacted by a salesperson? It is important to work with the sales department to define the profile of the ideal prospect: what are the demographic and behavioral criteria that characterize a qualified and mature prospect? From then on, you will be able to define a scoring grid for these different criteria and the point threshold that a lead must reach to be well qualified and mature. You can try to score your leads by hand, but the idea is to equip yourself with Marketing Automation software like Hubspot: you can automatically measure the Lead Scoring and make it progress, again automatically.

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