If your manager asks you for very detailed progress reports, be sure to check why. Because the more detailed such a report has to be, the more work you have to do. And the more reading time your manager has to spend on it. And the greater the chance that the report will raise questions. And the more time you all spend discussing the information. You could probably all do better with that extra time. So take a critical look at the detail of your reports. Provide clarity about the process If you look again at the policy circle, you immediately see what goes wrong in many reports.

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They are research reports, advice and discussion memos rolled into one. That is not always the fault of the writer. Without strict control, uncertainty can arise about the Ghana Phone Number in the policy circle where a process is located and therefore also about the purpose of a report. Therefore, make sure this is clear before you start writing. And help the reader by briefly stating the purpose of your text in the introduction. If your report is part of a meeting, make sure to include in the agenda what the purpose of the meeting item is: to inform, discuss or decide.

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This also increases the effectiveness of your meetings. A strict selection of information is the first step for a clear report. But that alone is not enough. You also want to present that information in such a way that it can be quickly absorbed by the reader. That requires active sentences that are not too long, sparing with jargon, flawless Dutch and so on. But don’t forget to think about other means than words to get your message across.

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