Personal Branding is the art of creating an impactful and visible personal brand image. How to properly Uruguay WhatsApp Number List Branding? I tell you everything! ME, who am I? Far from me the idea of ​​philosophizing! This question is. simply the starting point for your personal branding strategy. “ME” is a brand, each of us is a unique brand that it is now essential to master and promote.

Like any brand, the “MOI” brand has a reputation. Good or bad. An IRL reputation (In Real Life), and a reputation on the internet: the e-reputation . In a world that is increasingly competitive from all points of view – seduction, job market, commerce – e-reputation and brand image are crucial.

It is essential to analyze and develop them in order to optimize your. chances of success, whether in your social or professional life. I followed the tips I give you in this article to build my own Personal Branding. And it worked pretty well since it allowed me to create my Digital Marketing agency.

I now support companies in their digitalization. These SMEs all come looking for me because they have identified me as a recognized expert in Digital Marketing.

All this, I owe it to my Personal Branding. Contents of this article: What definition for Personal Branding? Personal Branding, you must have heard of it before. There are a lot of different definitions on the Internet.

In fact, you don’t have to intellectualize the subject for hours on end to understand what it is. Because what is Personal Branding? It is simply your personal branding. It is the art of putting your personal brand image forward thanks in particular to digital tools.

The Definition Of Personal Branding

Who has never “Googled” the name of their next meeting? From the person he is seeing? From one of his collaborators? You therefore understand that today it is vital to build a brand image that is consistent with its values ​​and objectives. Because yes, you
too are “Googled”.

The goal of Personal Branding is to work on your positioning and make yourself visible to your target audience. What is Personal Branding for?To find a job. There are many reasons for doing Personal Branding. But one of the main reasons for working him maybe for the job search.

With the ease of accessing information on the internet, you can be sure that recruiters will research you after you have selected your application.


The competition is terrible! And even the slightest information can have effects (positive or negative) on your application. That’s why you have to work on your Personal Branding! You have to stand out and work on your personal branding will help you immensely.

To find clients. Whether you are a freelance, manager of a VSE or boss of a larger company, you absolutely have to work on your Personal Branding.

Especially in B2B! The modern B2B buyer is not looking for a product or a service. He is looking for a partner who will help him achieve his goals. In other words, the decision maker does not choose a company but a person in whom he will trust.

This is what I have learned during all these years between the date of writing this article. At the time, I had just started as a freelancer but after a year, I decided to take up a position as an employee at the same time.

The Objectives Of Personal Branding

Today, I have my agency, I hired a team and I generate several hundred qualified prospects every month. The clients we sign come directly to us because they have identified me, my team and me as Digital Marketing experts.

Even more profoundly: my clients choose me because they like my personality, because we share the same values ​​and have the same ambitions.

And all this, I owe it to my Personal Branding. How to monitor your Personal Branding. Type your name on Google. It seems logical, but it is good to remember it!

Besides your best friend, Google is likely to be the second “person” who knows the most about you! So type your name on Google and analyze the results. Are you visible? If so, how, on which sites, which social networks …

Are the pages and content that stand out to your advantage? If you have a common name, are you number one? Don’t forget to check out the Google Images tab! You are not immune to photos of you lying around the web and not always very flattering …

The answers to these questions will allow you to identify areas for improvement for your personal branding. Regularly check social networks.

Not all networks have the same levels of confidentiality regarding your personal information. And you might never have paid attention to what’s public and what’s not on your accounts.

Consult your social network pages in public mode or ask a trusted colleague or a relative who does not have you as a “friend” to show you what can be seen on your profile.

If you have created accounts on networks and have not set foot there for several years, it is also possible that information about you is disseminated there.

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