Have you been told about a showcase site, but you still do not understand the difference from other types of sites? We explain French Guiana Email List for your online presence. According to a SortList study, in 2020 only 66% of SMEs have a website. My first reaction is to ask myself what other people are doing. Then, it is to ask how many of these SMEs which have a website only have a so-called showcase site? Every week I meet SMEs who have invested several thousand, or even tens of thousands, of euros in a website that they do not keep alive. We have seen during the health crisis that companies that were not present on the web found themselves.

In great difficulty. Some have even been forced to go out of business for not having done anything to go digital. A showcase website is a site that only presents your business and your offers. A showcase site is nothing more than an online sales brochure. I have an even broader vision of the showcase site: I consider that a website that is not regularly updated is a showcase site. And a B2B showcase site is useless since it does not meet the expectations of the modern buyer. Here are 4 reasons that will convince you to review your website: I will not go so far as to say that it is better not to have a website rather than to have a site called showcase.

Definition Of The Showcase Site

But I am not far from thinking it. Today, the evolution of buyers’ expectations and behaviors in B2B requires you to make your website the central element of your marketing and sales strategy. Purchasing behaviors have changed. Change the way you sell or die! Two statistics that will convince you that it is urgent to review the way you sell and communicate: 90% of B2B decision-makers never answer a sales prospecting call. 89% of B2B decision-makers conduct their purchasing thinking on the internet!
A third bonus stat to drive the point home: 66% of B2B decision-makers have already made their purchasing decision before speaking to a sales representative. 66% of B2B decision-makers have already made their purchasing decision before speaking to a sales representative.


Do you see what I mean? To gain customers, it is essential to develop your online presence and to make your website the central element of your marketing and sales strategy. Do you want to take stock of your website? Take advantage of a Free 30-Minute Audit! A showcase site is not well referenced. If there’s one thing Google can’t stand for, it’s a website that isn’t updated. What is the interest of the search engine to put you forward if your content is out of date? This is his reasoning. In addition, it is important to understand that it is not your website that is referenced on Google but each of your pages. Suddenly, the more pages you have on your website.

Reasons Not To Invest In A Showcase Site

The more likely you are to appear on the first page of Google results. How many words to be well referenced? Below 1950 words, there is a significant drop in positions on Google. Finally, as you can see, a well-referenced page on Google is a page with substantial content. As proof, the pages which are referenced in first position on Google contain on average 1950 words. A showcase site is not optimized for conversion. Since the B2B decision-maker conducts the majority of his purchasing thinking alone, mainly on the Internet, your website must be your first source of leads. The problem, a showcase site will not attract many people … The B2B buying journey. The 3 phases of the buying journey: Awareness> Consideration> Decision

The B2B purchasing journey is a 3-step journey: Awareness, Consideration, Decision. To put it simply, the content of a showcase site is more of Decision phase content. To make your website a lead machine, it is essential to regularly publish content from the Awareness and Consideration phases . Your content should actually answer the questions your target asks themselves along the buying journey. It is also important that your website offers premium content for download to retrieve the contact details of your most qualified visitors. A showcase site is not useful for salespeople. Not only does the B2B decision-maker prefer to think about buying alone before coming into contact with a salesperson, but he is also much more demanding of him.

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