You have to take here naturally the cost of your emailing tool but also the cost of time spent creating the emailing. If you are Greenland Email List and complexity of your sales cycle to properly analyze this indicator and the performance of your Emailing campaigns. Usually, emailing alone will not sell. You will need a succession of emails, especially through the techniques of Lead Nurturing. Do you want to improve the performance of your Emailing campaigns? Download our complete guide! 5 steps to create effective B2B email marketing. How (well!) To measure the effectiveness of your Emailing campaigns? We have just seen the 7 indicators to follow to analyze an Emailing campaign.

To properly measure the effectiveness of your campaign, you must however build a complete reporting, including these emailing KPIs but in a contextualized manner. Some of these metrics will be more relevant than others depending on the purpose of your campaign. For example, if your email is aimed at your customers, the performance will have to be higher than if it addresses prospects. If your Emailing does not contain a link, it is obvious, it is not useful to analyze the click-through rate or the reactivity rate. You now have all the information to properly analyze your Emailing campaigns and therefore improve them! Knowing that the buyer expects a personalized and contextualized approach from you, we agree that these 2 options are bad.

Buying Email Databases Leads You

Do you want to make your website a customer machine? Alignment between Marketing and Sales is Essential. Ludovic and I are now partners and we support you in setting up the Inbound Marketing methodology. We have experienced, each on our side, a natural evolution towards this approach. Marketing and Sales are no longer enemies, they are on the same team. Our professional profiles, experiences, and experiences naturally guided us towards our global offer: We help Marketing generate more leads. We help sales reps convert faster and more often. Our Guide to Inbound Marketing for Innovative Companies! Do you want to switch to Inbound Marketing? Download our Guide to Successful Inbound Marketing in 120 Days!


If you decide to buy an email database, you are going against the buyer’s expectations. Do you want to create the perfect emailing? Download the Checklist! You don’t have enough elements to send an effective email The buyer, on the other hand, wants you to guide them in their buying thinking by offering them quality content that answers the questions they ask themselves throughout the purchasing journey. To send an effective email, you must therefore know your prospect’s level of maturity, their issues and their context. Good emailing is personalized and contextualized emailing. However, by purchasing an email database, you do not have any of the information necessary to send the right message.

It is not legal At All

By sending emails to contacts from a purchased base, you degrade your reputation as a sender and end up in the SPAMS more or less short-term. To put it simply: emails that go directly to SPAM are emails sent by senders who have a bad reputation. A bad reputation stems from complaints from recipients who report you as spam, but also from other indicators such as a high unsubscribe rate or a low open rate! By purchasing an email database, you can be sure that these indicators will be bad for your mailings. This reason applies to all the others: sending emails to people who have not given their consent is not legal! Buying an email database goes against the prerogatives dictated by the CNIL.

And the RGPD, the General Data Protection Regulation. To send mailings legally, you must be able to prove that you have received the recipient’s consent. Otherwise, you expose yourself to heavy financial penalties of up to 5% of your turnover! You’re throwing your money out the window. Buying an email database is like throwing your money away. Today I do not know a B2B company that regularly buys email databases and generates ROI from them. Mass emailing no longer meet the buyer’s expectations. You must now put in place a strategy allowing you to generate leads who agree to receive your communications and who leave you their contact details. This strategy is Inbound Marketing.

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