The success of your B2B email campaign depends directly on when you send it. The challenge here is to send the Congo Email List at the right time. Wondering what is the best day and the best time to send a B2B email? Verdict. When to send a B2B email? Tuesday between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.! Tuesday represents 22% of open B2B mailings during the week. 32% of clicks during the day are made between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. If you want to create an engaging mailing, this niche is the most interesting according to this emailing study carried out by SendinBlue. Wednesday can also be a day with the potential to send a B2B emailing.

Wednesday indeed represents 39% of the clicks generated during the week. The average opening rate is however lower at around 18%. Do you want to create an effective B2B emailing? Download the Perfect Emailing Checklist! When to send an email when you are an innovative company? Wednesday, the best day to send a B2B emailing. If, like the majority of our clients, you are an innovative company, the best times to send a B2B emailing are different. You’re not dreaming, according to the study, the best day to send a B2B emailing when we are an innovative company on Wednesday is between 14h and 16h. Wednesday represents 38% of the number of clicked emails in the Software / SaaS universe.

When Is The Best Time To Send A B2B Emailing

Beyond that, inbound marketing allows salespeople to save the time spent generating leads to allocate it to the conversion of the most qualified and mature leads. Clearly, salespeople spend less time cold prospecting and take advantage of this gain to focus more attention on the best prospects. In B2B, the sales cycle can last weeks or even months. You are therefore most certainly faced with a long sales cycle. The reason is quite simple: your prospects are not mature enough to fully understand the added value of your offers. Thus, 73% of the leads you generate are not ready to buy. It is therefore essential to feed their purchasing thinking to bring them to maturity.


And transmit them to salespeople in the best conditions. 66% of B2B decision-makers have already chosen their solution before speaking to a sales representative. Inbound Marketing allows you to feed your leads’ buying thinking by offering them content that answers all the questions they ask themselves in the buying journey. And this is a huge advantage: you will thus avoid making an offer to a prospect who, not understanding your price, will no longer give any sign of life! Inbound Marketing improves your positioning. It happens very often to me to meet companies offering innovative solutions but communicating and prospecting in an old-fashioned way… Do you think that this is coherent for their positioning?

How To Determine The Best Times

If we resume our journey, the conversion of your visitors into leads will be done in 3 steps: The visitor clicks on your Call-to-Action. The visitor fills out a form. Writing a good blog article also links it to a quality landing page. Without this Landing Page, you will not be able to convert the essay. But what is a Landing Page? To go further, I suggest you consult this article here in which I explain what a Landing Page is and how to optimize it. First, because it’s such a big topic, second because I have to wrap up this blog post, the world’s best blog post for generating leads, which is dangerously close

A telling example: a company that offers IT solutions for working on the go but whose salespeople canvass door to door, with flyers. Inbound Marketing is a modern strategy that exploits the levers appreciated by the buyer and new technologies. I am thinking here of Marketing Automation, artificial intelligence, or chatbots. You offer an optimal experience to your prospects, you save time and reduce the points of friction. Not bad is not it? In closing, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in order to write a quality blog post, it is essential to write it with passion and sincerity. This blog post may not be the best blog post in the world.

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