Inbound Marketing takes time and methodology, but it is clearly worth the effort. Do you doubt it? Here is Cocos Islands Keeling Email List Marketing. Have you heard of Inbound Marketing but still hesitate to take action? Are you convinced of the soundness of the methodology but you lack the argument to convince your management? We talk every week with companies who, like you, are thinking about inbound marketing. Our advice? Do not waste any more time! While you are thinking, your competition benefits. Indeed, inbound marketing is full of advantages for the whole company. The Marketing department of course, but also the sales department and even the General Management.

Inbound Marketing meets the expectations of the modern buyer. The buyer no longer wants to talk to a salesperson: that’s a fact. He prefers to carry out the majority of his buying thinking alone and make his own decision. After all, he has all the information he needs just a click away. How’s it going? The buyer encounters a problem and goes to a search engine to learn about the subject. He identifies and compares all the solutions at his disposal to retain the one he thinks is the best. Clearly, it leads a reflection in 3 steps and Inbound Marketing has the advantage of accelerating it: The digital marketing purchasing journey/.

Here Are The Benefits Of Inbound Marketing

To attract the attention of the buyer while respecting their expectations, it is essential to offer web content with high added value that objectively addresses their issues. This is all the more true if you offer innovative products/services: the buyer often does not imagine that an offer like yours exists. There is, therefore, no chance that it will search the Internet for you. You must therefore be skillful in attracting his attention by offering him content dealing with his problems and then gradually orienting him towards your solution. This is the advantage of a good Inbound Marketing strategy. Would you like to know more about inbound marketing? Download our Inbound Marketing Guide!


Inbound Marketing generates qualified Leads. Inbound Marketing consists of attracting more visitors to your website and then converting them into leads. For this, you must retrieve their contact details through downloadable content. Inbound Marketing is therefore a significant advantage for the sales department, which regularly receives qualified prospects who are active in buying thinking. Naturally, to take advantage of this advantage, your content must perfectly meet the expectations and issues of your ideal prospect. The work of the Personas is essential here. Inbound Marketing generates lasting results. The publicity goes, the writings stay. To generate leads on the internet, you have two options: advertise or do inbound marketing. The cost level, it is comparable.

Very Bad Idea, Isn’t It?

There is one big difference, however: advertising allows you to generate leads within your budget. The day you stop paying, everything stops. With inbound marketing, if you quit, you will continue to reap the rewards for your actions for months or even years . Create content, long term benefits. As proof: the contents referenced on the first page on Google are on average more than 2 years old and this even goes up to more than 3 years for the first page. The advantage of inbound marketing is that your investments will continue to pay off, even if you downsize. Inbound Marketing is less expensive. Here, we’ll keep it short: a lead generated with Inbound Marketing.

It costs 61% less than a lead generated via traditional marketing and sales actions. This is undoubtedly the advantage that will convince you to take action. If so, we can talk about it together: Inbound Marketing allows prospecting 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Are your salespeople on vacation? On an appointment or at a trade show? Normally, who does the business development when no one is behind the phone? No one? With Inbound Marketing, you generate leads without interruption: on weekends, during holidays and even at night! During the last summer vacation, we took a 3 week vacation at the agency in August. When we returned, we had generated over 300 qualified leads.

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