How to create an effective web marketing strategy? That’s the whole stake because without a strategy, your web Colombia Phone Numbers List a return on investment. Worse, this is the best way to throw your money away. To avoid this for you, here is the 10-lesson method to miss your web marketing strategy. Not to be continued! This major change in behavior means that your traditional prospecting actions. Cold calls, door to door, trade shows, etc. – are much less effective than before. In addition. Attract their attention when very often they do not understand (read “are not interested”). The characteristics of your products or they are often not even aware that your offer can meet their needs.

In this complex situation, it has become essential to communicate on the internet by offering in particular high added value content dealing with the issues of your target rather than promoting your company and its offers. This is the best way to attract your target to your website, to transform these new visitors into prospects and finally convert them into customers. To learn more about this methodology: 4 steps to attract more customers with the Internet and Social Networks. But now, to take full advantage of the web and social networks, it is important to create an effective web marketing strategy. If not, you will go right into the wall.

Not Defining Your Goals Precisely

To help you in your thinking and creating your web marketing strategy, I offer you a 10-lesson method to throw your money away. So not to be continued! The best way to miss your web marketing strategy is to not define your goals precisely. All too often, your answer here boils down to “Grow my bottom line”. This is clearly not enough because it is too abstract: developing your turnover is rather the purpose of your web marketing strategy. To achieve this goal, you absolutely must define a series of objectives which, once achieved, will generate the development of your turnover. It is essential to define your objectives very precisely because they are the ones.


That will allow you to identify indicators to follow to ensure that your web marketing actions are relevant. Another very common mistake that will inevitably lead you to the wall is your will to want to do old-fashioned communication on the internet. Let me explain: a few years ago, it was enough to send promotions or presentations of your products and services to sell. With the Internet and Social Networks, your consumers’ expectations have changed: they are used to personalization and prefer to search for information themselves on the Internet rather than having it imposed on them in one-way communications. This is the whole point of your web marketing strategy.

Don’t Think About Your Targets

To create an effective web marketing strategy and therefore avoid throwing your money away, you must take into account the expectations of your target and offer them high added value content that addresses the issues they encounter. For that, I advise you to work your Personas Marketing . How to miss your web marketing strategy. Don’t optimize your content for the web. Creating optimized content for the web is a science in its own right . If you neglect it, you will not be visible and your actions will earn you nothing. You can write the most interesting articles in the world. Have the best website and offer the best deals, if you are not visible nobody will know.

The challenge here is to do everything possible to be well referenced on Google and search engines. To be well referenced on Google. You must identify the keywords used by your target to search for solutions like yours or answers to their problems. Once you have identified your keywords, you will need to use them strategically in each of your content. Do not promote the user experience of your site. User experience is vulgarly the comfort of navigation that you offer to visitors to your website. In order for the visitor to enjoy visiting your website, you have to work on different points. First, you need to make sure that your website is suitable for browsing from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

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