However, some fans and followers may lack manners and post inappropriate comments on your social media. In this very specific Vietnam Phone Number List delete them, but I advise you to have published a moderation charter on which you can rely in the event of a conflict.

No, your contacts on social networks must correspond to your target or your field of activity.
This question is especially valid for professional social networks. If you follow me on social media, you will certainly know that I have a fairly moderate policy on this subject.

I advise you on social networks to add and accept all the contacts likely to bring you something professionally. Even your competitors since you will be in the front row to follow their news.

Another practice on social media is to automatically follow back everyone who subscribes to your profile. This is particularly common on Twitter and Instagram.

I advise against applying this practice as much as possible for two reasons: You are building a community that you want to be like your target. If you follow too many people on social media, your followers won’t feel valued.

My field of activity is not sexy, do I have to communicate on social networks? Yes, that’s one more reason to communicate on social media. To gain visibility and grow your revenue, you need to communicate where your customers are. And today, your customers are on social media.

Moreover, if your field of activity is not modern or seems a priori not to interest the crowds, communicating on social networks will allow you to boost your image.

Finally, it is important to take your thinking through to the end. Are you really sure social media isn’t for your business? I’m sure that it’s not the case!

Do I Have To Accept Everyone On Social Networks?

I often take the example of one of my clients, a group of retirement homes. At first glance, social networks do not correspond to its target. And yet, we decided to launch a Facebook page that is successful today. The reason is quite simple: the children and grandchildren of boarders want to ensure that their loved ones are .

Can I promote my products / services on social networks? Yes, you can promote your products on social media, but in moderation.
As we saw previously in question 2, it is important to publish high value-added content on social networks. The promotion of your products and services are not messages with high added value.


It is recommended to respect the 80/20 ratio on your social networks: 80% disinterested content and 20% promotional content.

This is clearly one of the most common mistakes I see with my clients: they only post promotional messages and are surprised they don’t have followers. And you, will you subscribe to a Facebook page of a company that does nothing but talk about its products? No, definitely not.

Do all my fans / subscribers see my posts? No, only part of your community sees your posts in their news feed. Do you have 1000 fans on Facebook or Twitter? Less than half will typically see your posts in their News Feed.

On social networks, there are algorithms aimed at classifying news to arouse maximum interest among users. The reason is quite simple: the social networks you are registered with want you to log in as often as possible. For this, social networks must present you with content that interests you each time you connect. On social networks, this phenomenon is Reach.

Thriving In The Retirement Home Where They Are

You will thus find on your news feed the content of the accounts / pages with which you have the most interactions. The same goes for your fans and subscribers. Concretely, if one of your subscribers does not react to your news by liking, sharing, clicking or commenting, he will no longer see your news appear in his feed.

Do social networks improve my SEO on Google? Social networks have no direct impact on the SEO of your website. This question comes up often with my clients and it is even a very common misconception.

Unfortunately, many web agencies recommend their clients to communicate on social networks to improve their referencing by explaining to them that the links of social networks will boost their referencing. It’s wrong.

Only links from classic websites have an impact on your ranking in search engines. On the other hand, social networks allow you to attract more visitors to your website and therefore increase your chances of getting links. Social networks therefore have an indirect impact on your SEO, but this is not quantifiable today.

Your return on investment is not limited to the turnover generated by social networks.
About 40% of businesses that communicate on social media have no idea what it is earning them. It is a mistake.

Much of the business is just measuring the revenue that comes directly from social media in the short term. It is a mistake.

Prosaically, your ROI on social networks is calculated by subtracting all your costs from the turnover generated (beware of hidden costs such as the time spent by you or your employees).

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