The idea here is to prioritize prospects who are active in the buying process before going to passive buyers. Time is a scarce Hong Kong Phone Number List approach makes better use of resources. Focus on active buyers, i.e. those who have recently visited your website, filled out a form or frequently check your emails, in short, all prospects who have shown a high level of interaction with your business. To know how to identify active buyers, we have designed a Lead Management Matrix that we use for ourselves and our clients . Get in touch with your prospects. After identifying the most active prospects in their buying process, it’s time to contact them.

This is the Connect phase of the Inbound Sales process. With the information gathered upstream, you must personalize your approach by adapting the message to the expressed needs, to the sector of activity of your prospect and, more generally, by exploiting all the elements of context that you have . To get there, in addition to the information gathered, you must measure the maturity of your prospect and determine his position in the sales process: is he in the awareness of a need? Does he seek to identify and compare the solutions available to him? Does he already have a more or less precise idea of ​​his final decision? As you can imagine, you do not broach the same topics.

In Their Buying Thinking

With a prospect close to the purchase as with a prospect at the beginning of his purchase reflection .If after this first exchange you feel that your prospect is not yet mature enough, you have the opportunity to feed his purchase thinking to allow him to gain maturity more quickly. It’s a great way to shorten your sales cycle .Explore the needs of your leads. Salespeople benefiting from the implementation of an Inbound Marketing strategy approach their client by exploring their needs and objectives. Rather than acting as a salesperson, they play the role of advisor and validate with their prospects whether their solutions are the most relevant to meet their needs.


By adopting this posture, you enter into quality conversations with your potential customers. The sales rep no longer talks about themselves to explain what they are doing, your lead already knows this, but they are talking about what the two companies can accomplish together. During this exploration phase, you must do everything possible to obtain the information you need to validate that your solution is the optimal solution to meet the expectations of your prospect . You talk about his objectives, the problems he encounters, his budget or even his deadline. Advise your prospects. With the Consulting phase comes the time for the sales presentation! By prioritizing active prospects from the Inbound Marketing methodology.

Not Bad For A Month Deemed Dead

you opt for an advisor approach. This approach is characterized by explaining how your products. And services can help your prospects overcome their problems and meet their needs. By drawing on all the conversations and exchanges you have had with your prospect. Build a sales presentation adapted to your interlocutor and his context. Your personalized presentation should relate your client’s goals and challenges. To your offering and indicate how and why you are best suited to support it. Inbound Marketing’s methodology covers every step of the customer journey, from attracting qualified visitors to your website to converting them into customers. Buyer journey: how to attract customers with Inbound Marketing. Within each of these stages, the sales department has an action to take:

Prioritize customers according to the purchase stage they are in. Build trust by engaging in personalized conversations. Advise users to strengthen their relationship with them. Study the needs, challenges and challenges of the potential client. Present their advice by adapting to the buying process. This Inbound Marketing methodology changes the customer approach in depth to adapt to the new requirements of your buyers. The sales process for Inbound Marketing is based on the actions of buyers, not those of the seller. So listen carefully to your Leads and personalize your support as much as possible. We organized a Marketing Automation campaign that allowed us to generate more than 230 qualified prospects automatically.

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