The buyer leads alone between 65 and 90% of his purchase thinking. Understanding the buying journey is essential to getting Niue Email List them to customers, in order to send the right message to the right person at the right time. The buyer has at his disposal all the information he needs to make his decision. He can now do without a contact with a salesperson and that’s what he wants. The buyer uses the internet to find out about the problem or the need he meets, identify the solutions available to him, compare them and choose the one that seems most relevant to him. In this situation, you must thoroughly review your marketing strategy.

And your sales prospecting methods . The buyer no longer expects you to sell your offers but rather that you guide him in his thinking. To do this, you must know its path in great detail: understanding the purchasing journey is a crucial issue for your business , especially if you are an innovative business. Understanding the buying journey: a crucial issue Due to the proliferation of advertising messages, modern buyers no longer wish to receive information that they have not requested . You should therefore no longer seek to “push” information towards your targets, but rather do everything possible to attract their attention. The time spent online has become valuable and the buyer is looking for specific information.

A Key Role In Lead Generation And Conversion

To win over the buyer, you must understand their expectations – even anticipate them – and answer all the questions they ask themselves throughout the buying journey . It is a crucial issue to generate leads and convert them into customers. Here, everything is a matter of context. New call-to-action The buying journey to contextualize your messages and seduce the buyer Internet and social networks offer you the opportunity to deliver messages in industrial quantities. The problem here is that all businesses abuse it and the buyer is inundated with information. The buyer has become ultra-demanding, and you have to be skillful in attracting – and most importantly, retaining – their attention. To seduce the buyer, you have no other choice than to personalize and contextualize your messages.


Whether on your website, your social networks or even in your e-mailings, the buyer must have the feeling that you are talking to him and him alone. We come across many companies that tell us that creating. Content is an important part of generating leads and gaining new customers. The majority of them also devote a lot of effort, energy and resources to the creation of web content. Unfortunately, the ROI – return on investment – is not always there. 100% of the time, this is because these companies do not take the buying journey into account in their strategy. buyer journey: how to attract customers with Inbound Marketing. The buying journey is a 3-step process

We Present Everything In Great Detail

First, the buyer realizes that he has a problem and seeks to know. If it is important to solve it or if he can deal with it. This is the Awareness phase of the purchasing journey. Then, the buyer sets out to find the solutions at his disposal to solve his problem and achieve his objectives. This is the Consideration phase of the buying journey. Finally, the buyer chooses the solution that he thinks is the best and tries to validate that his choice is the right one. This is the Decision phase of the buying journey . Your messages and your publications must be in accordance with the stages of reflection of your prospects. A prospect in the.

The awareness phase will not ask the same questions as another in the Consideration or Decision phase. The needs of the buyer evolve throughout the buying journey . To help you understand the importance of the buying journey. Here is a telling example: I recently spoke with a company marketing innovative construction products. On my first visit to the site. Just a few seconds after I landed on its home page. A pop-up covering 80% of the page appeared. This pop-up invited me to leave my contact details for sending a quote. Do you think this is the best time to offer a quote to the buyer? 2 options for this company: Either she manages to sell at lightning speed and on a quote established.

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