Complex and above all very mysterious, the Quality Score is difficult to understand and is often overlooked by advertisers. Yet the Russia WhatsApp Number List successful Google AdWords campaign. So what is the Quality Score exactly? How to improve your Quality Score?

Even if many still believe it, the positioning of a Google AdWords ad does not depend only on the amount of its bid, the CPC Max (maximum cost per click). The Quality Score is also important. Ad Rank = CPC Max x Quality Score

Here is the formula to remember. The Ad Rank is the position of your ad. The formula is explicit: positioning is directly linked to the Quality Score. The Quality Score is a performance indicator attributed to the different keywords used in your ads. It is a rating that reflects the relevance of your campaign, the fit between your keywords, the ad and the Landing Page. This score is between 1 and 10, 10 being perfection. A good Quality Score is considered to be greater than or equal to 7. A Quality Score less than 6 being weak, or even bad.

The Quality Score reflects the performance of your Google AdWords account by encompassing various elements: Adwords – Quality Score Presentation. The Google Quality Score

The relevance of your keywords (keywords relevancy): Google’s objective is to meet the expectations of its customers. Its customers write a query in the search engine, it is essential that the results correspond to their expectations. Wondering how to determine your keywords ?

– The relevance of your ad (ad relevancy): your ad must be written correctly, without spelling mistakes, and must correspond to your keywords as well as to the content of the page to which it redirects.

What Is The Quality Score Exactly?

The relevance of your landing page: a good ad, good keywords, one click. It’s perfect ? Not quite, the goal is to convert this click (get a sale, answer a questionnaire, subscribe to a newsletter, request a quote, etc.). If this click is converted, you can be sure that the Internet user who clicked on your ad is satisfied. Google has it too and Google loves it.

– The history of your campaigns: a good Quality Score cannot be obtained overnight. Google takes all of your AdWords campaigns into account in its rating. It is not enough to have a successful campaign to enjoy a good Quality Score for life.


The click-through rate (CTR): undoubtedly the most important element taken into account by Google in its rating since it directly influences its turnover. This is the number of clicks compared to the number of impressions (number of views) obtained by your ad. If your ad gets 8 clicks per 100 impressions, you’ll have an 8% CTR. A good CTR is usually between 3 and 5%.

– The relevance of various elements: other elements are taken into account in the rating of your Google AdWords account. Google keeps a great deal of mystery in the calculation of its Quality Score. We can talk here about the organization of your ads, the quality of your ad groups, the regularity of your campaigns .

Why improve your Quality Score?
As we saw in the primer on Google AdWords article , Google determines the placement of your AdWords ad based on the amount of your bids. In part! Remember: Ad Rank = Max CPC x Quality Score…

How Is The Quality Score Determined?

Indeed, it is not enough to set the highest bid to truster the first place on the search engine. Conversely, perhaps you are paying too much for your clicks in relation to the space you occupy? Improving your Quality Score means above all saving money.

Let us not forget that Google remains a multinational perpetually seeking to maximize its turnover. Because your campaigns are billed per click, it is essential for Google to highlight the most relevant ads. What interest for Google to put in pole position a CPC Max ad of 10 euros collecting only 3 clicks in the month when a CPC ad of 1 euro collects 300? The Quality Score is the guarantee of a significant volume of clicks.

How to improve your Quality Score?
To know your Quality Score, there are several solutions. The first is to place your mouse over the speech bubble in the “Status” column of your keywords. The second solution is to go to the “Column” option and add the quality score to your keyword table as shown in the screenshot below:

What is the Quality Score
To improve your Quality Score and therefore optimize the positioning of your ads at a lower cost, you can use several levers:. Hyper-segmentation: it is recommended to limit the number of keywords per ad group. 1 or 2 keywords per ad group sounds good to get started on AdWords. Thus, you will be able to work more precisely on your ads. Indeed, for a good Quality Score, it is important to find your keyword in the description and / or the title of your ad. You can also play with the custom URL and take advantage of this space to add your keyword.

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