Twitter can be a great opportunity to drive more traffic to your website and gain visibility. Want to write the perfect Tweet? Here are 5 tips to get more Retweet.
A Retweet is sharing. The Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List more it will be shared. Basically, if you want to gain visibility on Twitter, you have to do everything to get more Retweet. Ok but how do you get more Retweet? Here are 5 tips to follow!

According to this infographic produced by Quicksprout , here are the 5 best practices to follow to have more Retweet on Twitter:

To have more Retweet, you must write Tweets between 71 and 100 characters!
To have more Retweet, you must include a link to your Tweet!
To have more Retweet, you must use at least 1 hashtag!
To have more Retweet, you must request the Retweet from users!
To have more Retweet, you must publish your Tweet between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Friday!
These tips are of course average but the best practices are there. If you want to get more Retweet, you need to write a Tweet that will catch the eye of your followers.

To do this, it is important to post your Tweets when your followers are logged into Twitter.

The hashtags allow you to reach all the people according to the themes presented, using them will allow you to make your Tweet visible to more people and therefore increase your number of Retweet.

Finally, on social networks, it has been proven that asking something directly from your community is much more effective than making it understand heavily through innuendo.

5 Tips To Get More Retweet

If you are embarking on an advertising campaign on Facebook for the first time, I advise you to set a reduced budget in order to do the first tests. To understand my vision on the subject, I suggest you read this article on Google AdWords budgets : the mechanics are the same and my vision is the same!

On social networks, it is important to be clear about your attentions. Want people to download your app, share and like your page? Ask them! Here, Les Galeries Bartoux wish to publicize an event. They do not hesitate to suggest that Internet users consult the program.


To complete your ad, you will now have to write a clear and relevant message. We are on the internet, your ad will undoubtedly be viewed on tablet and smartphone… so make it short! As seen previously, to be successful in your Facebook Ads campaign and achieve your goals, be an incentive!

Finally, you are not the only one doing sponsored campaigns on Facebook: so be creative both in your text and in the visual that you will use to illustrate your advertising.

A nalysis: Regularly analyze the statistics of your Facebook Ads campaign
The steps we have seen previously may seem a bit abstract to you if this is your first time creating a Facebook ad campaign. At this point, you can ask yourself if the target you have defined is relevant, if the format of your ad is the right one, if the platforms on which you are showing your ad correspond to your objectives …

Do not panic ! Facebook gives you the possibility to analyze a maximum of statistics. As soon as your Facebook advertising campaign is online, you will be able to verify that your choices are the best and refine your audience.

In particular, you will be able to analyze the cost per click of your Facebook Ads campaign by location, device or age … Thus, you will be able to realize that your ad is performing better or less well in certain segments and therefore adjust your campaign accordingly.

Here Is The Method To Follow

L anding Page: Create a landing page dedicated to your Facebook Ads campaign
When you create an advertising campaign on Facebook, you often have to enter an address to which to redirect Internet users who will click on your ad. Generally, you will redirect Internet users to your website. A word of advice: avoid the home page or a page that is too general!

To succeed in your Facebook campaign, I advise you to create a dedicated page on your website. We are talking about Landing Page.

For this step, : how to create an effective Landing Page?

E cosystème: Integrate your Facebook campaign to your overall strategy
Too often I meet companies who create their advertising campaign on Facebook thinking that it will be THE solution to their problem. Usually this will not be enough.

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