At a time when the buyer is doing the majority of their buying thinking on their own, your website Mayotte Email Lists of leads. This is not the case? Here are 7 adjustments to make to generate more leads from your website. 1. Publish content that deals with the issues of your target If salespeople have more and more difficulty in prospecting and attracting the attention of the buyer, it is quite simply because he leads alone between 65 and 90% of his purchase thinking. In other words, the buyer accepts to come into contact with a company and a salesperson only after having made his decision with more or less certainty.

In this situation, you need to do everything you can to grab their attention – and hold them. Throughout the buying journey. buyer journey. How to attract customers with Inbound Marketing Between the moment he realizes his need. The moment he compares the solutions available to him. And the moment he makes his decision. The buyer asks himself a whole bunch of questions that you must answer on your website. The key to success here is to deal with the issues that the buyer faces. And the questions that he asks himself as objectively as possible. Here is an example that will quickly speak to you: recently. A marketing director in an innovative company was researching. The dimensions of the profile picture on LinkedIn.

Landing Page Formats

She did a Google search and came across our website. She then downloaded our white paper to generate more leads on the internet and we then got an appointment. If we had contented ourselves with presenting our offers on our website, this marketing director would never have known us! 2. Reference your website with the right keywords If you want to generate qualified leads with your website, you must ensure that it is well-positioned in the search engines for the keywords used by your target. Very often, we are approached by innovative companies who are having difficulty attracting more visitors to their websites. Most of the time, this is because they write their website content using their own jargon.


Unfortunately, these are not the terms their target uses to search on Google. When you are an innovative or technological company – and this also applies to all companies offering complex products/services – the buyer is generally not aware that an offer like yours exists. At best, he has heard of it but does not understand its uses and added value. In this situation, the buyer does not google you. Rather, he conducts research around the issues he encounters and the keywords vary depending on his position in the purchasing journey presented in the previous visual. To go further here, here are 7 steps to follow to be more visible on the Internet and use the right keywords.

Testing Different Call-to-action

How to communicate well on the internet and promote your business 3. Add a Call-to-Action on each of your pages A Call-to-Action is a call-to-action button like the one you have above. The vocation of call-to-action, as its name suggests, is to encourage visitors to perform the action you want them to perform. So, if you want to generate leads on your website, you need to convince your visitors to give you their contact details. The call-to-action must encourage the visitor to click in order to go to the page on which he can fill out a form against the download of a premium content offer. 4. Optimize your Landing Pages to convert more often How to make a landing page A landing page is a landing page.

Concretely, it is a page to which you redirect your visitors so that they leave you their contact details against the download of a premium content offer. Remember that the purpose of your landing page is to collect your visitor’s contact details, nothing else. This, therefore, means that your landing page must limit distractions. And limit the options for the Internet user: either he fills out the form or he leaves your site. Very often, I meet companies who have understood the mechanism. Well but whose landing pages are ultimately just additional pages on their website. To optimize your conversion rate, the landing page should be simpler and not offer a menu. Promote your content Google should only be a source of traffic for your website.

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