The agency is 5 years old and in 5 years, we have heard things about Digital Marketing. Here are the Top French Business Email Database and customers. Funny of course, but listing them is above all a good way to put an end to these preconceived ideas that have a hard tooth. Good reading! I would like a showcase site: simple, fast … And inexpensive. Move around sir, we’re not going to work with you! This is the response we provide most of the time to people who make these kinds of requests. Why? Because having a showcase site, in the true sense of the word, is no longer useful today.

And we don’t want these customers to call us back in a few months to tell us “I don’t understand, the website you made me not bring me, clients! Because that’s what will happen 99% of the time. The reason is simple: the buyer on the internet is not looking for information on your box but rather for answers to the questions he asks himself in his purchase thinking and answers to his problem. Clearly, your website should not be about you – or not just – but about your customers. It must be scalable and regularly updated. Inepticism Our clients are low on standards, they don’t understand a thing! Truthfully, I heard this phrase from the mouth of a leader.

On the Internet, we don’t sell: we help

I fell off my chair when I heard that and already knew I wouldn’t be doing business with this prospect. This prospect complained about the quality of the contacts he generated from his website: they were not qualified enough and did not understand his offer. The problem? On the Internet, in Digital Marketing, it’s not your leads that are bad: it’s your message! If the leads you generate aren’t qualified, your Digital Marketing strategy isn’t holding up. Inception I pay more and more AdWords for my natural referencing! Certified heard in the mouth of a marketing manager. Many of the marketers and executives we meet believe they should pay Google to rank well in search results.


They confuse natural referencing – SEO – and paid referencing – SEA. The problem very often comes from the fact that agencies do not take the time to explain things to their clients… Suddenly, they mix everything up! AdWords is good, but it does not exempt you from having a natural referencing strategy: otherwise, the day you stop paying, you no longer have visitors. Inception Digital Marketing is for big companies! Many VSEs / SMEs refrain from doing Digital Marketing because they think it is not for them. However, it is very small and medium-sized businesses that most need to fight to be visible on the Internet … In France, there are more than 3 million VSEs / SMEs. The competition is tough.

The choice is quickly made

The challenge for them is to be well referenced on Google and present on other Digital Marketing levers to attract the attention of their customers. Digital Marketing has something for everyone, but to take advantage of it, you have to take the time to define a marketing plan based on your financial, human, and skills resources. Ah yes, it is also important to analyze the performance of your actions because otherwise, yes, you will not have enough money to achieve your objectives with Digital Marketing since you will not throw it out the windows…! Ineptie I don’t communicate on social networks, I don’t want bad comments! So that comes back often!

Businesses believe that because they are not on social media, they will avoid negative comments from dissatisfied customers. This is wrong! An unhappy customer will talk about you on the Internet whether or not you are there. So do you think it is better to be present on social networks so that he tells you directly the bottom of his thoughts and that you can react immediately? Or that it is better not to be present and let the customer speak negatively about you without knowing it and not being able to respond? And then I may surprise more than one, but a negative comment is an opportunity to reinforce your brand image and to show your prospects and customers that you are doing everything to satisfy them.

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