How to build a strong and impactful brand image? It is a real challenge to take up in order to gain visibility Uganda WhatsApp Number List at a time when the buyer’s attention is over-requested. The performance of your marketing and sales actions depends on it!

Why do some brands get our full attention and can rely on a community of ultra-powerful fan ambassadors? Why are some brands regularly acclaimed on social networks and recognizable by their simple color code?

The reason is simple: they have succeeded – with the effort that we will see in this article – in building a powerful brand image. You can imagine that being able to rely on such a strong brand image significantly facilitates marketing and sales initiatives. And therefore the return on investment!

At a time when the modern buyer prefers to conduct his purchasing thoughts on his own with the Internet and his attention is over-exploited, building a strong brand image is a major challenge.

Branding is a concept based on the perception of a product, a brand or a company by an audience. We will of course find objective criteria there. Does the brand offer superior quality products? Does the brand have ecological commitments? Etc. But branding will also include more subjective criteria, over which you will have less control.

The brand image is the result of several factors such as the intrinsic characteristics of the product, the customer experience or the advertising actions carried out.

Standing out and convincing in a digital world filled with content, more or less interesting, spam and fraud is not easy but it is essential.

What Is A Brand Image?

Making a difference and winning over the Internet user requires work, investment, research, analysis, and a strategy. Building an impactful brand image doesn’t happen with the snap of a finger.

Many companies unfortunately believe that it is enough to succeed in creating a buzz on social networks to build their brand image. If it was that simple, everyone would.

In fact, it’s not so much that it’s complicated. Above all, it is necessary to put in place the right actions to achieve this. And if we don’t know them … In order to support you in your adventure, I offer you 18 tips to create a unique, authentic, appreciated and shared brand image.

The 18 tips for creating a strong and effective brand image
Set your goals. I repeat this in all my articles on marketing and its strategies. First and foremost, you need to set specific goals.


Why do you want to revise or create your brand image? What do you expect from it in concrete terms? Be specific by setting quantified and time-dated goals. And yes! How do you know how to reach the finish line if you don’t know exactly where it is? This is the essential starting point for building your brand image.

To go further: How to define objectives with the SMART methodology? Study your target. Do you think you know your target inside out? Go over it all and study each of their behaviors. How does your target behave on the internet, which sites does they frequent, which social networks? How does she buy? What are their expectations? His areas of interest? Its issues? How does she perceive your brand today? This work is the work of Persona Marketing:

Let’s Start By Giving A Definition Of The Brand Image

List your strengths and weaknesses. What are your strong points ? Why should your target choose you and not your competitor? You need to find strengths that are consistent, realistic and bring real added value to your customers. Naturally, these are the points that you will put forward to build a powerful brand image.

But your competitors are not going to let you invade the market without reacting. Just as consumers won’t just take your word for it. You need to counter competitive attacks and customer objections to improve your offering. List your weaknesses and how you can address them.

All these elements will allow you to have a precise idea of ​​the brand image you want to create and the levers to operate to achieve it. Embody your brand and mobilize your troops. Know everything about your brand, share it, be your brand.

Creating a brand image is also a team effort. You know it: your best ambassadors, well before your customers, are your employees. Your employees are now very active on the Internet and social networks. They are even sometimes solicited directly on the web by your prospects and customers.

You must therefore include all of your employees in the creation of your brand image. Each of your employees must embody the brand.

Each of them is an ambassador and contributes to building your brand image. From switchboard operator to marketing director, from human resources to accounting… Empower and mobilize your entire company.

This is called Employee Advocacy . Be patient and regular. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither did your brand image. Creating a brand image will take a lot of work, some investment, and a lot of time.

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