It is therefore essential to segment your content to optimize your return on investment. Use the right keywords. No matter Cambodia Phone Number List in search engines, no one will read it. Creating web content that attracts customers is above all creating content that will be well referenced on Google. To properly rank your website on Google, it is important to optimize your content by using the keywords themselves used by your target in order to find a solution to their problems. I recommend that you read a practical case here that I conducted in real time in order to present you concretely how to create optimized content for the web .

Be unique. As we mentioned in tip 3 with the competitive analysis, it is important to stand out. In the age of infobesity. Your customers are overwhelmed by content and you must therefore offer them exceptional. An unique content to hold their attention. To create content that attracts customers. It is important to position yourself as THE source of information in your field of activity. If you are content to copy / paste what you find in your competitors, your target will have no interest in coming to you … Be visual. Always in order to retain the attention of your prospects and gain new customers, you must do everything possible to attract the eye of your target.

Define Your Objectives Precisely

To understand the importance of the visual in the creation of your content, it’s not complicated. Think about your consumption of information. When you sweep the news feed on your social networks or read an article, you are naturally drawn to the images. So think about image and video! Tip: Be sure to use the correct image dimensions for social media. Bring context to your content. Very often, I am contacted by companies who want to be more visible on the internet. When I ask them why they call on me, the vast majority of them answer that it’s because they appreciate the way I communicate through my content. It’s no accident: to create content that attracts customers, you need to put your signature on it.


The tone you use, the way you treat things, the way you address your readers … Everything is important to hold the attention of your target and retain your readers. Speak in the language of your customers. This is one of the mistakes that I meet most often in business: passionate about your job, your products or services, you could talk about it for hours. However, you use a vocabulary which is understood only by you … To grab the attention of your target audience and convert your visitors into customers, you need to make sure you present things in the most appropriate way. This is what I am trying to do through this article: I can talk to you about Inbound Marketing.

Analyze Your Competition

Content Marketing but there is a good chance that you do not understand what I am talking about. Not because you’re stupid, but because it’s not your job. So, I prefer to talk about content creation! Think conversion. Writing content to attract visitors to your website is good. But if your visitors leave as quickly as they arrived, your ROI will be nonexistent. To retain your readers and especially retrieve their contact details in order to then convert them into customers via personalized communications. You must think of your website in the form of a conversion tunnel. For this, you must use call-to-action buttons that link to specific pages of your website prompting the visitor to fill out a form for a consideration.

To go further here, I recommend that you become aware of the 5 imperatives to make your website a prospect machine . Do some tests. The advantage of internet and content creation is that you can analyze the performance of your actions in real time using tools like Google Analytics. You probably won’t find the best way to create content that attracts customers the first time. To optimize your return on investment, it is important to test things and especially analyze all the statistics to determine what works, improve it and banish what does not. Repeat, repeat, repeat … Did you know that a person must be confronted 7 times with a message before assimilating it?

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